Russian Blue Cat Behavior Explained

Russian Blue Cat Personality and Characteristics

The Russian blue cat is a smart, sensitive, and very affectionate cat that can adapt to a range of living conditions. If you enjoy having a cat that will return your love and at times even challenge your intelligence, then you may find the Russian ...

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Cat Poop Behavior

Cat Poop – Crazy Cat Behavior After Pooping

My cat’s behavior after she poops cat poop is driving me insane, as I am getting more freaked out than she is! As soon as my cat finishes her business, she gets a frantic case of the ‘cat zoomies’ and dashes around the house like she’s ...

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Burmese Cat

Guide to Burmese Cat Personality and Characteristics

The Burmese cat breed characteristics are distinct, starting from their smooth satin coats, muscular bodies, to their friendly personality. The behavior of the Burmese lean towards being strong willed, and you may have to tell them off sometimes ...

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The complete guide to cat eyes and their meaning

Cat Eyes: Understanding Cat Body Language

Eye contact is one of our most intimate means of communicating, specially with cat eyes. We can accurately read another person‘s emotions from a glimpse. Of course, cats experience this differently. What can make us feel acknowledged or seem more ...

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Recovery from Cat Anesthesia

Behavior Changes After Cat Anesthesia

Especially after cat anesthesia, your cats are very likely to show strange behaviors. Do not worry, though; you can keep your cat from getting hurt after surgery, by being aware of the potential behaviors of cats after anesthesia. Except for cat ...

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Guide to Bengal Cat Behavior

Guide to Bengal Cat Personality and Character

It’s important to note that animal personality and character including the Bengal Cat is caused by a combination of environmental as well as genetic factors. These cats are smart, affectionate, active, and very curious. Their personality traits ...

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Cat Dental Care

Cat Teeth: 10 Tips for Cat Dental Care

Your cat may not be hunting in the wild, but he still needs cat dental care for healthy, strong cat teeth and gums. Minor dental issues can become serious health problems if they are not treated early. The good news is these diseases can be easily ...

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British Shorthair Cat Behavior

Distinctive British Shorthair Cat Personality and Characteristics

One of the main British Shorthair Cat characteristics is its plush fur coat that is sometimes described as crispy. Its round teddy bear like body gives one the impression that this cat is lazy. Though it is not particularly playful, their behavior ...

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Guide to female cat in heat

Cat in Heat Behavior Explained

A cat who has reached sexual maturity will often display signs of a cat in heat, a phenomenon that’s also referred to as estrus. A cat in heat usually shows a very distinct personality. The first estrus of a female cat normally takes place between ...

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Cat Spray Stop – Review and Insights

Is your beloved cat peeing everywhere, destroying your carpets and furniture? Are you looking for a way to stop your cat from spraying indoors? Look no further, I found a permanent solution for your problem! I am very excited to share an exclusive ...

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Persian Cat Personality

Guide to Persian Cat Personality and Characteristics

A Persian cat comprises some of the most popular cat breeds in the world today. Persian cats go way back in ancient history, originating in what used to be Mesopotamia, which became Persia, and is now Iran. Petro Della Valle was credited with ...

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Does your cat hate cat litter boxes?

Cat Litter Boxes – Why Your Cat Won’t Use It

We’ve all been there – avoiding the cat litter boxes is a common problem that cat owners face. There are several different causes that may cause such behavior. Cats may dislike the or the , or even the position of it. Even some changes around ...

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20 Interesting Cat Facts - Part 3

20 Interesting Cat Facts – Part 3

Since my previous posts about interesting Cat Facts (Part 1 and Part 2) have been such a success I decided to gather some more interesting cat facts about our beloved feline friends. Interesting Cat Facts - Part 3 Cats are vibration sensitive ...

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10 reasons your cat meows

10 Reasons Your Cat Meows And its Translation

The Cat Language Bible author, Jonas Jurgella, says cats make 30 distinctive sounds, including 20 variations of cat meows. Let's have a look at the different meanings of cat meows. Here are the ten reasons your cat meows and the simple translations ...

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Cat on Vacation

Behavior Changes After Cat on Vacation

Are you planning to go with your cat on vacation soon? Whether you bring your cat along or leave him or her in the house, you may want to prepare your kitty. Once they notice some changes in their routine and surroundings, they will start exhibiting ...

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Exotic Shorthair Cat

Exotic Shorthair Cat Personality and Character

While the Exotic Shorthair Cat is similar, the Persian cat breed is one of the most popular among cat enthusiasts all over the world. Its lovable docile behaviors and pleasing appearance make it a calm and affectionate addition to households. ...

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Cat Behavior after Moving

Moving With Cats: Behavior Changes after Moving to a New Home

Are you moving with cats out into a new house soon? You might want to take your cat into consideration. Cats are highly territorial bundles of joy, who can get stressed when experiencing changes to their lives. With that said, it is normal for ...

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Ragdoll Cat Personality and Behavior

Ragdoll Cat Personality and Characteristics

If you want to have a cat as a pet, then consider the Ragdoll cat who are known for their Ragdoll cat personality. The Ragdoll is a very laid back cat with sapphire blue eyes. This is a very beautiful breed and it comes in a variety of colors such ...

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Introducing a new cat

Introducing a New Cat to Your Cat

Will the behavior of your cat change when introducing a new cat in the house? Cats are loners. It is very difficult to find cats hanging out in groups. With this in mind, one will require patience and time to introduce a new cat into their home. The ...

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Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming Essentials Explained

It’s no secret that cats are highly particular creatures when it comes to cat grooming. When they aren’t eating or sleeping, they are grooming themselves! No matter how independent your cat may be, he will occasionally need your help to stay ...

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