• Ragdoll Cat Personality and Behavior

Ragdoll Cat Personality and Characteristics

If you want to have a cat as a pet, then consider the Ragdoll cat who are known for their Ragdoll cat personality. The Ragdoll is a very laid back cat with sapphire blue eyes. This is a very beautiful breed and it comes in a variety of colors such as blue, lilac, chocolate and seal and they have a very soft coat.

The Ragdoll Cat personality can be described as very gentle, obedient and submissive towards the owner thus making them the perfect cat breed. If you want to keep one as a pet get to know some of the Ragdoll cat breed characteristics.

Unique Ragdoll Cat Personality and Behaviors Explained

Ragdoll Behavior

Ragdoll Cat BehaviorQuite a number of elements have been used to identify the behavior of ragdoll cats. Their love for water is one odd Ragdoll behavior as many cat breeds do not like water. Ragdoll cats are also more interested in humans than other pets.

They will run to greet you at the door, follow you from to room, flop on you and sleep on the same bed with you if given the opportunity. Some very interesting Ragdoll cat breed characteristics are the fact they can play fetch and do not extend their claws when playing.

Ragdoll cat behavior is also characterized by its soft voice and the fact that it does not play aggressively. A Ragdoll cat characteristic that can be dangerous, especially for them, is how easily they trust people even strangers.

Ragdoll Personality

Ragdoll cat personality is quite unique. A Ragdoll is a very relaxed and gentle cat. They are very social always looking for attention from the owner and will rarely go out on their own.Their personality is characterized by the fact that they prefer being indoors.

Ragdoll Cat PersonalityIt is a common trait of these cats not to be able to protect itself as it is not street smart like other cat breeds. It is also a common behavior of these cats not to interact with other pets. Ragdolls also like and prefer environments that are quiet.

This cat breed is not one for jumpers as they prefer to be on lower surfaces such as the floor. A noticeable personality trait of this cat breed is how it collapses into the arms of the person holding it, even if it is cradled on its back, hence its name! This cat breed is very well behaved and its maintenance is quite easy. The Ragdoll cat personality is what makes it the perfect pet for a family and for a person having a cat for the first time.

Activity levels of Ragdoll Cats

Being passive and docile is a common behavior of ragdolls. This does not mean that they do not play. They enjoy playing with toys and can engage in family activities. They can be taught new tricks such as fetching toys as they learn very quickly. Do not expect them to leap to high places as they prefer being on the same level as people.

More on the behavior of Ragdoll Cats

It is important to note that Ragdoll behavior and personality will vary from one to another. The difference in Ragdoll cat breed characteristics are what makes each cat unique. With the above personality and behavioral traits of this cat you will get to enjoy great company and friendship, so this one is certainly one to consider.

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