• Persian Cat Personality

Guide to Persian Cat Personality and Characteristics

A Persian cat comprises some of the most popular cat breeds in the world today. Persian cats go way back in ancient history, originating in what used to be Mesopotamia, which became Persia, and is now Iran. Petro Della Valle was credited with introducing this long-haired feline breed to Europe in 1626.

Because of breeding, Persian cats come in various colors and have round heads, short faces, chubby cheeks, small ears, and big eyes. This cat breed is well loved in many households, due to its docile but playful nature. Here are some Persian cat characteristics which may come in handy if you are thinking of raising one.

Unique Persian Cat Characteristics


One of the characteristics, for which Persian cats are best known, is their docility. Persians make excellent lap cats, as they are not as hyperactive as breeds such as the Bengal. If you like well-paced and well-mannered cats that like to talk to you now and then, you will love Persian cats. They can also live in most household types, given that they get enough space to move around. You will not have to worry about Persians destroying your furniture and ornaments. Also, while Persian cats have low-key temperaments, they are quite affectionate and will ask for your attention from time to time. They can get along quite well with other cats, dogs, and children.

Creatures of Habit

Persian Cat Behavior explainedIf your work involves having to stay home all day, raising a Persian cat will be easy and enjoyable for you. Persian cats thrive under simple and routine lifestyles. While they can demand food or play at times, they are content with lounging around on your couch, playing with you once in a while, and being given food when hungry.

Most of the time, you may find that Persians show lazy attitudes, as they can sleep almost all day. However, from time to time, they can get energetic when they want to play with you. You might also notice that they only leave their beds to eat, go to the litter box, or play with you. They also do not appreciate sudden changes in the household and might get stressed if you move out.


While Persian cats are independent and placid, they require lots of attention. Behavior-wise, Persians can be quite high maintenance. For one, they do not like being left alone for extended periods of time. Their placid demeanor can be deceiving. While you are doing a task, you might find the cat meowing at you, asking for attention. Do not reward excessive calls for attention. Train your cat to know when it’s playtime and feeding time, and not to bother you too much. Otherwise, the Persian cat may behave mischievously towards you.

Persian Cat Behavioral traits are one of a kind

These characteristics make Persian cats one of a kind. Their affectionate, docile, and laid-back personalities make them one of the most sought-after cat breeds in the world. However, be prepared to give time to groom them, as well as giving them pet medicines.

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