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Guide to Burmese Cat Personality and Characteristics

The Burmese cat breed characteristics are distinct, starting from their smooth satin coats, muscular bodies, to their friendly personality. The behavior of the Burmese lean towards being strong willed, and you may have to tell them off sometimes before they stop doing what you don’t want them to do. Some have described Burmese behavior as being similar to that of a small person who loves you but still does their own thing. Burmese cat personality traits include being talkative, playful, curious and social. They are great with children and can live with other pets too.

Distinctive Burmese Cat Personality

Burmese CatsTalkative

The personality traits include a talkative nature. They tend to have soft voices and enjoy a good conversation. Direct your speech towards this cat, and it will meow in response. It cannot help but respond as talking is part of the behavior of the Burmese breed. A silent and quiet ambiance is a rare thing in the presence of a Burmese cat.


Playing while its owner is watching it is typical Burmese behavior. It wants to entertain you and keep your attention. Burmese breed characteristics make it possible to train this cat to play like a dog and fetch, roll over or even enjoy a walk while on a leash. There is hardly a dull moment with a Burmese cat.


Burmese feline personality traits require that it has constant companionship. A fellow Burmese feline friend is good, or perhaps a dog, but a human being is the best. Without continuous interaction, Burmese breed behavior changes to being withdrawn and sometimes even aggressive. Try as much as possible to ensure that your Burmese cat is not left alone for too long.


Burmese Cats

The behavior of Burmese cats will have them following you all around the house, and even under the covers. Every time you turn around, your feline Burmese friend will be right next to you. The nature of these cats is to be involved in everything you are doing. When you are cooking, he will be at your feet, as you sit and watch TV he will either be in your lap or right there next to you.


Burmese feline behavior tends to be curious. These cats will know each and every corner of your house, and it will investigate any new arrival to the house. Privacy is not part of Burmese breed characteristics.

Be Entertained by Burmese Cat  Personality Traits

The pleasant Burmese personality will add cheer to your home, and if you have children, they will enjoy being entertained by this cat. Its hypnotic eyes, simple to maintain coat and easy going nature make it a very attractive cat to own. Indulge its desire for attention, keep it entertained with different toys, and adapt to its strong will and you will have a companion for life. It will not be threatened by new additions to the home and will welcome them wholeheartedly, children, other animals, and other cats too. Remember that other than you, its next best companion is a fellow Burmese feline friend.

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