• 20 Interesting Cat Facts - Part 3

20 Interesting Cat Facts – Part 3

Since my previous posts about interesting Cat Facts (Part 1 and Part 2) have been such a success I decided to gather some more interesting cat facts about our beloved feline friends.

Interesting Cat Facts – Part 3

  1. Cats are vibration sensitive and known to detect tremors and earthquakes before humans, by 10-15 minutes.
  2. The United States is home to a feral cat population of 60 million.
  3. A 30-year-old cat named Kitty, birthed a kitten litter of two and is the oldest on record to do so. She birthed 218 kittens during her lifetime.
  4. The front claws of the cat are sharper than the back claws. 20 interesting cat facts
  5. Food sweetness is undetectable to cats.
  6. Research shows, cat ownership reduces heart attack and stroke risk by one-third.
  7. If you want to listen to a cat meow, check out the recording on Wikipedia.
  8. Cats self-heal by purring. The purring frequency is at the same bone and muscle repair level.
  9. Cats only use meows for a cat to human communication.
  10. Cats recognize their human’s voice.
  11. The long-term memory of a cat is greater than a dog’s. Cats learn by doing instead of seeing, and their brains store more than a thousand times the data of an iPad.
  12. The social skills of a cat are lower than a dog, but cats can solve difficult problems and dogs can’t.
  13. The eyesight of a cat is both worse and better than ours. Cats can’t distinguish color like humans can and are color blind; for example, the green grass looks red to a cat.
  14. Cats see better than humans in dim light, and their peripheral vision is better than humans.
  15. Cats sleep a lot, with over half of their day spent this way, which equates to a cat at age nine having a three year waking life. The average hours spent sleeping each day is sixteen.
  16. If your cat leaves uncovered poop, it shows an aggressive stance, saying they aren’t afraid of you.
  17. Cats manipulate their humans by changing the tone of meows. By using imitation of a baby, they ask for food.
  18. Women perceive male cat owners as sensitive, making male cat owners luckier at love.
  19. Bringing home their kills, is an offering to their human, but it can also mean your cat thinks you’re a terrible hunter.
  20. Researchers believe domesticated cats have a long memory; never forgiving. Other animals seem to forgive and forget while cats show no reconciliation signs.

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