• Free Ebook: Understanding Cat Behavior and Body Language

Free Ebook: Understanding Cat Behavior and Body Language

I’m proud to announce that my book, Understanding Cat Behavior and Body Language, is now available for download. You can get it for free if you sign up now.

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About my book Understanding Cat Behavior and Body Language

Downlod the ebook for freeIt is with the utmost excitement that I finally announce the availability of my new ebook. It’s been a long journey to this point. After studying cat behavior and their body language for years, I finally managed to compile my findings.

The ebook shows in a fun, visual and insight way how cats use body language in many ways to communicate their feelings to us. It’s important to take the time and learn your cat’s different ways of talking to you. For a good relationship, it’s important you understand what they are telling you. While the tail position is a good indicator of understanding the cat’s mood, the cat’s eyes and ears give you an excellent insight into what they are trying to communicate to you, whether they are happy, scared, or aggressive.

The second part of the book is focused on decoding your cat’s behavior. Have you ever asked yourself why your cat is constantly meowing or insists on using the floor instead of the litter box? Clearly your cat wants you to understand him and my ebook Understanding Cat Behavior and Body Language will help you to just do that.

An exclusive insight: Understanding cat behavior and body language

An exclusive insight: Understanding cat behavior and body language

Table of Content

  • Introduction
    Cats are mysterious creatures. They have a different body language for their feelings and understanding the subtle differences is difficult.
  • Reading Your Cat’s Body Language
    • Talking with the tail
    • Talking with the ears
    • Communicating with their eyes
  • Decoding Your Cat’s Behavior
    • You are not going to post that on Snapchat 
    • I know it’s your keyboard, but I am napping
    • Don’t touch the belly
    • Cats need to scratch
    • I’ll bathe myself, thank you
    • Don’t answer with your own meow
    • Cats hate playing dress up
    • It’s not cat hair causing your allergies
    • Be careful of power cords
    • No, black cats aren’t bad luck and other myths
    • Cat lovers 
    • Early Risers
    • The stopping, dropping, and rolling routine
    • The continuous meow
    • When they don’t use the litter box
  • 10 Questions Your Cat Wants You to Answer
    • Why do you get angry when I use the scratching posts?
    • I know I’m adorable, but is it really necessary to take my photo every day?
    • Why must you bring these strangers to our house?
    • Can I PLEASE play outside? Please?!
    • Why do you panic when you can’t find me?
    • Seriously, why do you keep brushing me? I don’t need your help.
    • Why did you just pull that cozy heating pad out from under me?
    • Why do you keep letting that loud monster roam around our house?
    • Why are you so fascinated with my poop?
    • Can’t you take a hint? I don’t want you to pet me right now.
  • Conclusion
    Bonus material and additional links

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Downlod the ebook for free
Understanding Cat Behavior
and Body Language

The complete guide to understand the behavior and body language of your cat.

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