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Cat Poop – Crazy Cat Behavior After Pooping

My cat’s behavior after she poops cat poop is driving me insane, as I am getting more freaked out than she is! As soon as my cat finishes her business, she gets a frantic case of the ‘cat zoomies’ and dashes around the house like she’s taken a dose of Ketamine (or should that be Cat-amine?).

Cat Poop: More crazy behavior stirs more confusion

I am equally as confused as I am concerned, as I need to know about cat poop:

What is driving me even crazier, is the more I search, the more vague reasons we find – does anyone know what causes this?

Cat zoomies – what could be the cause of this?

Some veterinarians suggest these antics are primeval cat instincts and could be:Crazy Cat Behavior after Cat Poop

  • Elation at the release of their bowels?
  • Expending their energy as they now feel playful after discomfort?
  • Practical actions to shake off any last remnants of cat poop?

One feline theory is it’s due to focus, in that cats are actualy aware their body is holding something they need to release. Perhaps this is why cats are so intent on returning to their litter box to poop, and they simply feel unburdened and free once complete?

Another suggestion veterinarians sometimes offer is that it is due to smell. Apparently, cats may be hyper-sensitive to the pungent poop they’ve just disposed of, and thus need to dash fast away – before the smelly cat poop brings predators? Yet more contradictory cat scat behavior theories abound around territory. Just like their canine adversaries display seemingly odd behavior to mark their territory, likewise cats dash around the vicinity of their poop drop to fend off any interlopers.

Veterinarians also indicate this could also be medicinal, rather than behavioral, as some cats are prone to food allergies, scent glad problems and even rectal/urinal tract inflammation or fissures.

Finally, veterinarians have discovered this cat behavior could perhaps be mental. New research has found a disorder called Hyperesthesia syndrome, which is suggested for cat crazy behavior such as skin rippling, cat zoomies after pooping, and other frantic actions such as chasing tails or racing around the house.

Do you have any loopy after poopy stories? Please share with me in the comments.

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