• Guide to female cat in heat

Cat in Heat Behavior Explained

A cat who has reached sexual maturity will often display signs of a cat in heat, a phenomenon that’s also referred to as estrus. A cat in heat usually shows a very distinct personality. The first estrus of a female cat normally takes place between the age of four and ten months. Knowing the behavior of cats in heat can make you ready for what to expect, how to react, and the steps to take when your cat is experiencing this natural cycle. Here are some common signs that you will notice.

Distinct Female Cat in Heat Symptoms

Vocalization to lure the male cats

A female cat in heat will frequently produce a range of odd calls that any cat owner who is not quite familiar with the female cat behavior during estrus, might never have heard their pet cats produce before. A female cat will frequently produce a range of odd calls that any cat owner who is not quite familiar with female cats during estrus, might never have heard their pet cats produce before. The vocalization may range from soft, melodious, inquiring, and purring calls to loud, trilling, reverberating calls. Some of these cries might sound so tragic and shake that an inexperienced owner may mistake them for cries of pain or discomfort.

The vocalization will frequently be sharper, persistent and frequent especially when the cat is trying to get your attention or when she has spotted a male cat. Even though this cat estrus sign is normally prevalent at night, it also happens multiple times during the day.

Restlessness and change in posture

A female cat in heat doesn’t always stay still. She will hop at the doors and windows of the house and roll on the ground and show affection for everyone. These cats never seem to settle even for a moment. She will tend to carry her tail to the side and may exhibit a low walking motion on her hind legs. She will also seem to hold her tail erect whenever she spots a male cat.

In case there are absolutely no male cats around, the female cat in heat will frequently try very hard to escape the house and look for a male in the neighborhood. She will tend to pace at the windows and doors of your house, calling out through the glass and will run fast for the door whenever they’re opened. In case your cat is in heat, you need to be very cautious and keep all your windows and doors secured if you want to prevent your cat pet from escaping and getting pregnant.

Excessive urination

Female cats in heat normally releases pheromones in her urine, which alert any male cats around about their imminent sexual receptiveness. To get this urinary signal across to as many males as possible, the female cat will urinate in small puddles all around the yard or house. To the owner of the cat, it might seem as though the cat is urinating more often, but instead, only small patches of urine will be excreted at any one moment. If you’re overly concerned or inexperienced in this field, you may think that your cat is suffering from a urinary tract infection, when the real reason behind this deed of cats in heat is to signal the males about their imminent need to breed.

Is your cat spraying inside your home?

Cats in heat tend to spray inside as long as they are not spayed. If you want to avoid getting your beloved cat spayed I can recommend the following alternatives:

Cat Spray Stop, a new book by Susane Westinghouse, is providing cat owners with a simple and effective way to prevent their cats from spraying.

Cat Spraying No More, written by Sarah Richard, explains a simple way how you can teach your cat to release herself in a proper place and manner.

Spaying as a way to avoid Cat in Heat Symptoms

If cats in heat gets too much for you to bear and you don’t plan to breed her, you should consider having her spayed. You can have your cat spayed at the age of about four months or even earlier than that. Of course, you can choose to wait and spay your cat when she’s older, but early spaying prevents these behavioral signs of a cat in heat from even starting up in the first place.

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