• Russian Blue Cat Behavior Explained

Russian Blue Cat Personality and Characteristics

The Russian blue cat is a smart, sensitive, and very affectionate cat that can adapt to a range of living conditions. If you enjoy having a cat that will return your love and at times even challenge your intelligence, then you may find the Russian Blue cat breed to be the perfect companion. However, you first need to develop a bond and win the cat’s trust. Once this is done, he will surely respond to you. The following information about their cat behavior and personality will help understand more about this well-mannered feline.

Specific Russian Blue Cat Personality Traits

A very loving friend

The Russian blue cats are famous for rapidly making themselves an important part of your family, and they frequently become particularly close to one or sometimes two members of the family. The cat may be shy in the beginning, but as soon as he gets comfortable, you will never find a more loving and devoted friend. An interesting temperament of these cats is that they frequently pick up on people’s emotions. So, if you have had a bad day, the cat may try to make you laugh or give you some snuggles. Obviously, he will expect you to passionately return his affection and love and also bow to his will.

Russian Blue Cat is quite Mature und loveableA perfect room-mate

Another important behavior of Russian blue cat is that they are quite mature and can live happily in a condo or an apartment, despite the fact that they are smart, playful, and at times stubborn. These cats prefer calm and clean homes with minimal commotion. The cat should not get bored or destructive when left alone, particularly if you provide him with a spot by the window and a scratching post, and he will most probably greet you with passion when you return home. Even though this cat may not talk much on his own, if you want to have a chat with him, he is likely to oblige.

A clever companion and a vigilant observer

An essential Russian blue cat personality is their tendency to be very intelligent and good at solving problems. The cat may watch you closely and discover where you pile the toys and treats, and then work out how to open the cabinets, drawers, or doors that stand between them and what they want. These cats enjoy learning, and they respond very well to gentle training.

On the other hand, these cats can be very shy when you first meet them, and most of them will stay back and check out pets, situations, and new people. If provided with the time as well as space to get comfortable, these cats normally do well with other pets and also with children. In case you and your partner are often away from home, your Russian blue cat may enjoy having another friend, either a fellow Russian blue or another cat. The personality of these cats makes them an ideal pet for any family.

Final Note On Russian Blue Cat Personality

These are some of the common cat personality traits, but of course, not all Russian blue cats have the same behavior and personality. After all, they aren’t clones! A particular cat’s behavior may change when he gets older. For instance, a kitten who happily greets everyone can easily change behavior when he gets older, and even vice versa.

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