Learn more about the different cat breeds and their differences in appearance and behavior.

Birman Cat Personality

Guide To Birman Cat Personality and Characteristics

The Birman Cat also at times referred to as the Sacred Cat of Burma is a magical and mystical cat with soulful blue eyes and a gentle character. It is believed to be a cross-breed between the Siamese Cat and the Angora or Persian cats. They come in ...

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Guide to Japanese Bobtail Cat Behavior

Guide to Japanese Bobtail Cat Personality and Characteristics

A Japanese Bobtail Cat is an amazing feline friend. While it’s interesting to learn about the breeding purpose of these cats, their genetics influence their health, behavior, and outward appearance. Certain behaviors make the Japanese Bobtail ...

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Manx Cat Behavior explained

Manx Cat Personality Traits and Characteristics

The behavior of a Manx Cat should not be determined by its physical features. This cat has back legs that are longer than its front legs. Some breeds have long tails, others have short tails, and there are still others with no tails at all. Their ...

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Turkish Van Cat Personality and Behavior

Turkish Van Cat Personality and Characteristics

If you love to collect souvenirs, then a Turkish Van Cat might not be the ideal pet for you, unless you are willing to put away your trinkets. This cat personality includes being very playful and clumsy which will lead to breakages around the ...

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Russian Blue Cat Behavior Explained

Russian Blue Cat Personality and Characteristics

The Russian blue cat is a smart, sensitive, and very affectionate cat that can adapt to a range of living conditions. If you enjoy having a cat that will return your love and at times even challenge your intelligence, then you may find the Russian ...

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Burmese Cat

Guide to Burmese Cat Personality and Characteristics

The Burmese cat breed characteristics are distinct, starting from their smooth satin coats, muscular bodies, to their friendly personality. The behavior of the Burmese lean towards being strong willed, and you may have to tell them off sometimes ...

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Guide to Bengal Cat Behavior

Guide to Bengal Cat Personality and Character

It’s important to note that animal personality and character including the Bengal Cat is caused by a combination of environmental as well as genetic factors. These cats are smart, affectionate, active, and very curious. Their personality traits ...

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British Shorthair Cat Behavior

Distinctive British Shorthair Cat Personality and Characteristics

One of the main British Shorthair Cat characteristics is its plush fur coat that is sometimes described as crispy. Its round teddy bear like body gives one the impression that this cat is lazy. Though it is not particularly playful, their behavior ...

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Persian Cat Personality

Guide to Persian Cat Personality and Characteristics

A Persian cat comprises some of the most popular cat breeds in the world today. Persian cats go way back in ancient history, originating in what used to be Mesopotamia, which became Persia, and is now Iran. Petro Della Valle was credited with ...

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Exotic Shorthair Cat

Exotic Shorthair Cat Personality and Character

While the Exotic Shorthair Cat is similar, the Persian cat breed is one of the most popular among cat enthusiasts all over the world. Its lovable docile behaviors and pleasing appearance make it a calm and affectionate addition to households. ...

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Ragdoll Cat Personality and Behavior

Ragdoll Cat Personality and Characteristics

If you want to have a cat as a pet, then consider the Ragdoll cat who are known for their Ragdoll cat personality. The Ragdoll is a very laid back cat with sapphire blue eyes. This is a very beautiful breed and it comes in a variety of colors such ...

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Maine Coon Cat vs. Norwegian Forest Cat Behavior

Maine Coon Cat vs. Norwegian Forest Cat Personality

If you love furry cats, the Maine Coon cat or the Norwegian forest cat are some of the breeds you could consider. Both have fluffy coats as they are cold climate felines, and they are pretty large compared to other cats. Before settling on either of ...

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Snowshoe Cat Personality

Snowshoe Cat Personality: Behavior and Characteristics

Many people have associated the Snowshoe Cat with the Grumpy Cat meme. However, this is not the case for all cats! The Snowshoe is a very playful and affectionate combination of the Siamese and Shorthair breeds. With the Snowshoe, you get the ...

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Cat Breeds

Top 10 Cat Breeds for Cat Lovers

If you’re looking for cat breeds but you don’t know which cat to choose, look deep into your personality. There is a cat out there that matches your character, no matter whether you’re shy or loud, lazy or outgoing. For those of you who are ...

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Siamese Cat Characteristics that You Will Love

Siamese Cat Characteristics that You Will Love

The popular Siamese cat hails from the country of Thailand in Asia. This breed of cats had always been popular, and some even resided in royal palaces in the past. These cats had an important role in a palace; which was to protect the royal palaces ...

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Sphynx Cat - Rare and Unusual

Sphynx Cat – Rare and Unusual

Think of strange and unusual cat breeds and the Sphynx cat is bound to come to mind - even if you don't know the breed's name! The Sphynx is often referred to as the hairless cat. Remember Mr. Bigglesworth, Dr. Evil's cat in the "Austin Powers" ...

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