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  • Cat giving birth

Behavior After Cats Giving Birth

Your cat having kittens should ordinarily be an exciting time, but after cats giving birth your cat will display some odd signs having kittens. You may want to give your cat some tender care, but she may reject your efforts because behavior after cats giving birth lean towards being aggressive to their owner, or very protective of their kittens.

This should not distress you too much as it is for a short time, and your cat will return to her normal self after the cat pregnancy soon enough. A little research in behavioral changes in cats after having kittens will inform you on what to expect.

Behavior After Cats Giving Birth


Your normally docile, fun-loving cat, will seem to change into an aggressive feline in its first days of motherhood. This is normal behavior after cats giving birth. She will rush to defend and protect her newborn kittens, and does not understand that you also have their best interests at heart. Other cats will also bear the brunt of these behavioral changes in cats after having kittens.

Other cats, especially male cats are suspect and are not allowed anywhere near the kittens. Tom cats are known to kill kittens, and the instinctive behavior in cats after giving birth is to keep any possible threat at a distance. It may be difficult to believe, but your cat will also consider you to be a threat until the kittens are more mature.

Moving the Kittens

KittensOnce a mother cat perceives that its kittens may be in danger, it will move them to what it believes is a safer place. Cat acting after having kittens leans towards keeping their kittens out of reach of any predators. While you might be trying to ensure that your cat and her kittens are comfortable, she is thinking safety first.

Behavioral changes in cats after having kittens may mean that she will move the kittens from the warm and cozy cat bed you have set up in the kitchen, to hiding them in the darkest corner of your linen cupboard. The more you try to move them back to your choice location, the more she will resist the move.

Your Reaction

The best way to respond to these changes is to let your cat be. This is especially true for first time cat mothers. If you were caught off guard by the cats altered behavior after having kittens, take a little time to learn about what she is undergoing at that moment. This will prevent both of you experiencing unwarranted stress. Give her the space she needs to nurse and take care of her kittens, and try to stay out of her way if she decides to move her kittens to a hidden place. Thankfully, these behavioral changes in cats after having kittens will not last too long.

Don’t worry! Your Cat Will Return To Its Usual Behavior

As the kittens mature and begin to move around on their own, the aggressive and protective behavior after having kittens will subside. Even a little knowledge of how cats mannerisms change after having kittens will enable your new family members and their mother adjust to their existence a lot easier.

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