• The Cat Language Bible - Review and Insights

The Cat Language Bible – Review and Insights

I am so excited to share an exclusive “inside look” at The Cat Language Bible, a new book renowned by cat owners worldwide. The knowledge included in this famous guide was gathered over years of research conducted by Jonas Jurgella, a well-respected and published animal behavioral specialist.

The Cat Language Bible is now available Therefore this book is the culmination of his work in animal behavioral science, and provides a vast array of techniques to help cat owners communicate with and bond with their feline companions. This product has been so spectacularly hyped that some cat owners may be reluctant to “buy in.”

To that effect, I have decided to provide some insider insight into the information included in the Cat Language Bible to help eliminate any doubts that this book is not the real deal. To that effect, in this post I’ve provided some detail about the book’s benefits and distinguishing features. And, if you’re still on this fence, I’ve included an offer for exclusive discounts and bonus materials! (Limited availability – see details at end of post.)

Official Review and Insights: The Cat Language Bible

Before I dig in to the workings of the Cat Language Bible, please watch the short video with Jonas Jurgella himself:



Meet The Author: Jonas Jurgella

I take pride in vetting the authenticity and credibility of every product that I use. In the case of any body of writing, this process starts with getting to know the author.

Meet the author: Jonas JurgellaJonas Jurgella is an acclaimed animal behavioral specialist whose research has been at the forefront of the study of human interaction with animals. For over fourteen years he has described methods of communication that cat owners can employ to strengthen their relationships with their pets.

During that time he has also analyzed the works of other researchers regarding how our feline friends understand our behaviors, vocal communication, and body language. Because of his findings and publications, Jurgella has been featured on local television channels, blog posts, and numerous web pages. The Cat Language Bible is the culmination of the combination of his academic findings and his personal first-hand experiences gathered through interactions with hundreds of cat owners – and their cats!


Features and Benefits of the Cat Language Bible

This book provides on over 100 pages thorough guidance regarding how to build strong relationships with our beloved cats. Other books written on this subject are purely dependent on case studies and behavioral theory; what sets the Cat Language Bible apart is that Jurgella’s strategies are grounded in years of hypothesis testing and real-world refinement, all tested personally by the author.

Exclusive insightsJurgella’s book is filled with strategies and techniques that have been scientifically proven to both help you to understand your cat’s feelings and behaviors and to help you effectively communicate your own to your cat.

This includes helping you to interpret your cat’s verbal and nonverbal cues. Many cat owners don’t’ realize that their cat can actually employ as many as twenty different vocal sounds to communicate, just like the way that we raise our voice to demonstrate anger, or “uptick” at the end of a sentence when asking a question!

The ability to recognize the way that cats change their vocal communication will enable you to understand what your cat is feeling and thinking, thereby aiding your quest to strengthen your relationship.


Free bonus material included

The Cat Language Bible eBook comes with several bonus guides, as well as complimentary updates each time that an updated version of the book is released!

Bonus Material

Bonus 1: The Cat Care Guide

The Cat Care Guide provides instructions for how cat owners can effectively demonstrate their affection for their cats. It also contains guidelines for understanding your cat’s responses to your communication. Proper attention, physical care (feeding and grooming), and, of course, love, are all covered in this bonus guide.

Bonus 2: Training Your Cat

This bonus eBook features techniques for transforming your adorable, unruly kitten into a composed, trained adult cat. While dogs are well-known for being easily trained, very few have mastered the art of taming the much more independent cat. However this is not because of a lack of aptitude on the part of the cat; on the contrary, cats are incredibly intelligent. With the proper guidance, cat owners can leverage training practices unique to their cat’s intelligence to mold them into an obedient, respectful companion.

Bonus 3: A-To-Z Feline Nutrition

Nutrition is just as important to a cat’s development as love and training. While love provides the emotional support that your car requires, proper nutrition provides the physical support needed to maintain its health and physical well-being. This bonus eBook provides the knowledge that cat owners need to ensure that their cat is well-nourished so that it can live a long, healthy life.

Bonus 4: Lifetime Updates

The Cat Language Bible represents the over fourteen years of research conducted by Jurgella in the field of cat behaviors. As is to be expected from a man who has spent his lifetime researching human-feline communications, Jurgella is constantly developing additional research and findings to update this theories and practices. Whenever those findings contribute to the release of a new edition of this beautiful guide, you will receive that update free of charge!


Final Thoughts

I was impressed by the volume of knowledge that the Cat Language Bible provides. As a long-time cat owner myself, I was surprised at how much I have to learn! The amount of information that Jurgella includes in his book is impressive, but it is so well-organized that the volume is not at all intimidating.

Cat Language Bible CoverAll of the techniques provided in the book can be implemented one step at a time, so readers can utilize them at whatever pace they are most comfortable. Over the past several weeks I have used several of them with my own cat and can personally attest to their effectiveness – I am already noticing more about the way that my cat communicates than I ever had before.

One of the biggest perks of this eBook is that it contains lots of pictures, which were very helpful in demonstrating how my cat would communicate with me. My increased ability to understand my cat’s emotions has helped me to provide better care and love for him, and already our relationship is more affectionate than it has ever been before. Now I am teaching several of these techniques to my family so that they can experience the same bond that I have reinforced.


The high-level “good and bad” of the Cat Language Bible is highlighted below:

The Good:

  • Comprehensive information
  • Easy-to-follow structure and format
  • Strategies are the result of outcome-based research and testing
  • No additional expertise, veterinary services, or tools required
  • Information included is objective and sourced worldwide (US and Japan)
  • Additional bonus guides and lifetime updates

The (Not Really So) Bad:

  • eBook format only
  • Personal accountability and consistent application is required for success


I Included Some of the Stunning Customer Reviews

  • I was surprised at how much I actually did NOT understand when it comes to cat behavior - Anabel Delay, Australia    
  • This book will shock you! (…) A great gift to any cat owner! - Therese Linn, USA    
  • Before reading this book I had never realized how often my cat would gesture “I love you” at me! - Deborah Smith, UK    
  • This guide is a must read for every cat lover. I learnt so much about my cat. - Duncan Brown, USA    

How To Reserve Your Copy of the Cat Language Bible

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  • Quality 10.0
  • Easy to use 9.0
  • Bonus Material 10.0
9.5 Score

Jonas Jurgella's Cat Language Bible is the must-have guide to understanding a cat’s thought processes, emotions, and reasons for our easy manipulation by our cats. If you own a cat and want to learn their language for better understanding, then you need The Cat Language Bible.

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