Cat's claws: Everything you need to know about cat claws

Cat Claws and Cat Declawing Exlained

Cat claws are an important part of its paw and act as tools for helping a cat do its thing. While the paws of a kitten are as harmless as those of small babies, as the kitten grows, they need to be taught how to use their claws in a non-destructive ...

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The 25 Best Cat Toys your Cat will love!

Cat Toys: The 25 Best Cat Toys of 2018

Cats are known to be difficult creatures - the best cat toys one day can become boring and unengaging the next - or worse; it could become our cat's worst enemy that has to be killed! They can go from happy and energetic, to bored and difficult to ...

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Pregnant cat

Pregnant Cat: How to Tell if Your Cat is Pregnant

You ask yourself how to tell if you have a pregnant cat? Understanding pregnant cat behavior is a little easier once you know the gestation period of a cat, and what to expect during each of the weeks. Once a cat has conceived, it will display ...

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Is your cat sick?

Sick Cat Symptoms: 7 Warning Signs for Sick Cats

How to tell if your cat shows sick cat sympoms? Cats have a reputation for being solitary and aloof. Cat owners know that this is all just for show, and that these traits are not just a sign of being “high maintenance” or a “diva.” They are ...

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Heavy Breathing Cat - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Heavy Breathing Cat – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

A heavy breathing cat can be a sign for a life threatening emergency. Breathing is a function of the respiratory system, a process of inhaling air into the lungs before expelling it. Oxygen is pulled down into the lungs, which is then distributed to ...

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Behavior of a scared cat explained

Scared Cat: Behavioral Signs and Causes

All cats are different and a scared cat will be frightened by different things, and each has its way of responding to fear. Some will recover quickly from the scary events while others will take longer. Cats can either get scared indoors or outdoors ...

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10 interesting facts about cat paws

Cat Paws: Discover 10 Interesting Facts

Cat paws are incredibly versatile. Your cat's paw is a tool for climbing, moving, communicating, staying comfortable and staying alive – and much more! Cat paws are incredibly cute, but also incredibly well designed for the task of looking ...

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Birman Cat Personality

Guide To Birman Cat Personality and Characteristics

The Birman Cat also at times referred to as the Sacred Cat of Burma is a magical and mystical cat with soulful blue eyes and a gentle character. It is believed to be a cross-breed between the Siamese Cat and the Angora or Persian cats. They come in ...

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Cat Whiskers, cat mouth and cat head explained

Cat Whiskers, Head and Mouth: Understanding Your Cat’s Body Language

Just like a cat’s ears, cat whiskers are incredibly versatile elements of a cat and can be very expressive of a cat’s feelings, mood and behavior. These whiskers cover a cat’s entire face. There are a dozen or so large long whiskers on each ...

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How long do cats live and have all cat breeds the same life span?

How Long Do Cats Live? Cat Lifespan Explained

How long do cats live? It is often said that cats have nine lives, although this incredible longevity is largely just a myth based on folklore. It is popular to report on cats that have led particularly long lives, with countless stories and ...

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Common Cat Health Issues

6 Frequent Cat Health Issues

No matter how resilient your cat may be, he will occasionally get sick and need your help to recover from cat health issues. Be on the lookout for these symptoms of common illnesses. 6 Typical Cat Health Issues Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease ...

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Cat Ears explained

Cat Ears: Understanding Your Cat’s Body Language

Who doesn't notice the beautiful cat ears as soon as a cat appears in front of you? But cats can be difficult to understand for some people. However, many people find that cats are easy to understand as long as they pay proper attention and learn ...

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Catnip for Cats: What does Catnip do To Cats

Catnip for Cats: What Does Catnip Do to Cats

I’m sure that the Cheshire Cat was smiling so widely because he enjoyed catnip for cats - like Felix, my cat, who has the same self-satisfied grin when he has catnip. But what makes this otherwise plain herb so desirable to cats? Is it an aphrod...

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Why Do Cats Purr - Is a purring Cat a Happy Cat?

Cat Purring Explained: Why Do Cats Purr?

While cat purring is the most commonly heard sound, we know very little about its nature or why do cats purr. When your cat is curled up and getting warm in the sun, you may here a few purrs come from his way. Indeed, purring is a sound cats make ...

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Cat Toilet Training - How to handle problems with your cat's toilet behavior

Cat Toilet Training: How to Litter Box Train a Cat

Sometimes, the problems faced by cat owners have nothing to do with spraying or urination but rather with cat toilet training. Rather, cats can face issues regarding deposits of solid waste. Similarly to above, it is vital to check your cat for ...

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Guide to Japanese Bobtail Cat Behavior

Guide to Japanese Bobtail Cat Personality and Characteristics

A Japanese Bobtail Cat is an amazing feline friend. While it’s interesting to learn about the breeding purpose of these cats, their genetics influence their health, behavior, and outward appearance. Certain behaviors make the Japanese Bobtail ...

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Manx Cat Behavior explained

Manx Cat Personality Traits and Characteristics

The behavior of a Manx Cat should not be determined by its physical features. This cat has back legs that are longer than its front legs. Some breeds have long tails, others have short tails, and there are still others with no tails at all. Their ...

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Cat kneading: Why do cats knead?

Why Do Cats Knead? 5 Reasons for Cat Kneading

Have you ever wondered why do cats knead and why your cat tramples on their favorite bed or your leg with their front paws, as though they were kneading dough? If you‘re a frequent appreciator of feline lap warmers, you’ve no doubt been the ...

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Turkish Van Cat Personality and Behavior

Turkish Van Cat Personality and Characteristics

If you love to collect souvenirs, then a Turkish Van Cat might not be the ideal pet for you, unless you are willing to put away your trinkets. This cat personality includes being very playful and clumsy which will lead to breakages around the ...

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Eliminate Cat Urine Odor

Eliminate Cat Urine Odor – How to Get rid of Cat Urine Smell

Physical problems are the most common cause of inappropriate elimination in cats, but how do you eliminate cat urine odor? It is important to identify and cure these physical problems before you can hope to fix this unpleasant elimination behavior. ...

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