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Behavior Changes After Cat on Vacation

Are you planning to go with your cat on vacation soon? Whether you bring your cat along or leave him or her in the house, you may want to prepare your kitty. Once they notice some changes in their routine and surroundings, they will start exhibiting some changes in their attitude. Especially after a cat on vacation, you may find that your pet is showing some strange behaviors. It will be best for you and your cat if you help him or her cope with the vacation. Here are some common signs, which cats show when you come home after vacation, or when they get home after one.

Top Behavioral Changes After Cat on Vacation

Cats that stayed home

Cat on VacationCats are naturally perceptive creatures. They can sense when you are about to leave. To be fair, it is quite difficult to be subtle when you are packing up your stuff for a holiday. Even before you leave, your cat may become upset. Disgruntled signs of cats that stayed home, while their humans went on vacations, include increased and louder vocalization, loss of appetite, or withdrawal.

The change in personality may be even more drastic after you come home from the vacation. Unlike dogs, cats will not jump at you in joy to welcome you back. Most cats may prefer to keep away from you and take the time to reintegrate you within their circle. With that said, it is best to get a cat sitter to watch over your pets while you are away. This way, they can observe the behavioral patterns of your cats, and watch for any health problems that may arise. Furthermore, cat sitters can provide the love and attention that cats need.

Cats that went on vacation

Depending on how smoothly your trip goes, your cat may experience quite a bit of stress on your vacation. It can be a challenge to have your cats enjoy the scenery, as they prefer to stay in familiar territories. However, if you have a curious and energetic cat, it might be easier to play with him or her, even on the unfamiliar ground.

As soon as you come home, though, do not expect your cat to be bound up and down the room. Your pet might behave warily after your vacation. Introduce him or her to the rest of the household slowly, so he or she can reintegrate properly within the social circle. Otherwise, if you have other pets, your cat may incur aggression from them after the vacation.

Consider cat behaviors if you go on a Holiday

Especially when you are planning a vacation, it is always best to think about your cat. He or she may not react well to being left in the house, or taken along a potentially stressful trip in unfamiliar places, and tight spaces. Expect your cats to show strange behavioral changes before and after a vacation. Keep your cats cared for, comfortable, and healthy so that they can cope easily with the sudden stresses of a holiday. However, if your cat shows signs of these behaviors for a longer time after the vacation bring your pet to the vet.

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