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  • Snowshoe Cat Personality

Snowshoe Cat Personality: Behavior and Characteristics

Many people have associated the Snowshoe Cat with the Grumpy Cat meme. However, this is not the case for all cats! The Snowshoe is a very playful and affectionate combination of the Siamese and Shorthair breeds.

With the Snowshoe, you get the best of both worlds—the elegant look of the Siamese and the energetic disposition of the Shorthair. Cat enthusiasts started breeding Siamese and Shorthair cats to produce the Snowshoe quite recently. Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty was the first to crossbreed the two, while Vikki Olander created the standard distinctions of the Snowshoe breed in 1974. Here are three behaviors, for which the Snowshoe cat is known.

Unique Behavior and Characteristics of the Snowshoe Cat Personality

Affectionate lap cat

Snowshoe Cat PersonalityDespite the Grumpy Cat image, Snowshoe cats are actually very popular for their friendly disposition. They take to other people or pets rather well, and are content with sitting on your lap for long periods of time. Because of their sociable temperaments, they can also be friendly towards your guests. You might also find that these cats refuse to be separated from you; they will follow you around the house, even when you are sleeping. These cats are best raised in households wherein they will not be lonely. With that said, if your work requires you to stay outdoors all day, hire a cat sitter or get another pet to keep your kitty company while you are away.

Snowshoe Cats are playful

The Snowshoe cat, while being friendly and well-mannered by nature, can also have a very playful streak. They love games wherein they can interact with other people. Playing with Snowshoe cats will be a great bonding experience for you, the cat, and the family! In addition, while it seems to have a small frame, it is a very agile and athletic cat breed. Snowshoe cats are not particularly known to climb or jump up high places often, but they will love challenging games. Some Snowshoe cats, however, may be selective as to the people they play with. To maximize the energetic characteristic of your Snowshoe cat, expose him or her to other pets and people, and allow them to play together.

Intelligent and interactive cats

Snowshoe cats make some of the best pets for domestic purposes. This is because of their high intelligence, which allows them to pick up on commands quickly. Given some time, patience, and training, you can get rid of any destructive habits, such as spraying, uncontrolled pooping or scratching of carpets and furniture. Furthermore, if you like cats that possess talkative qualities, you will love the Snowshoe cat breed. To add to their friendly behavior, Snowshoe cats are interactive bundles of joy, that have meows that are soft and very easy to the ears. They will not hesitate to meow for your attention.

Fallen in love with Snowshoe Cat Personality Characteristics and Behaviors?

These characteristics make Snowshoe cats very popular among pet lovers. They make for very sociable house companions, who will interact with you for most of the day. Because of the friendly, sweet, and intelligent behavior of the Snowshoe cat breed, you will find it very rewarding to care for one.

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