Purrfect care tips and everything related to the health of your feline friend.

Cat's claws: Everything you need to know about cat claws

Cat Claws and Cat Declawing Exlained

Cat claws are an important part of its paw and act as tools for helping a cat do its thing. While the paws of a kitten are as harmless as those of small babies, as the kitten grows, they need to be taught how to use their claws in a non-destructive ...

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Pregnant cat

Pregnant Cat: How to Tell if Your Cat is Pregnant

You ask yourself how to tell if you have a pregnant cat? Understanding pregnant cat behavior is a little easier once you know the gestation period of a cat, and what to expect during each of the weeks. Once a cat has conceived, it will display ...

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Is your cat sick?

Sick Cat Symptoms: 7 Warning Signs for Sick Cats

How to tell if your cat shows sick cat sympoms? Cats have a reputation for being solitary and aloof. Cat owners know that this is all just for show, and that these traits are not just a sign of being “high maintenance” or a “diva.” They are ...

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Heavy Breathing Cat - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Heavy Breathing Cat – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

A heavy breathing cat can be a sign for a life threatening emergency. Breathing is a function of the respiratory system, a process of inhaling air into the lungs before expelling it. Oxygen is pulled down into the lungs, which is then distributed to ...

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How long do cats live and have all cat breeds the same life span?

How Long Do Cats Live? Cat Lifespan Explained

How long do cats live? It is often said that cats have nine lives, although this incredible longevity is largely just a myth based on folklore. It is popular to report on cats that have led particularly long lives, with countless stories and ...

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Common Cat Health Issues

6 Frequent Cat Health Issues

No matter how resilient your cat may be, he will occasionally get sick and need your help to recover from cat health issues. Be on the lookout for these symptoms of common illnesses. 6 Typical Cat Health Issues Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease ...

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Catnip for Cats: What does Catnip do To Cats

Catnip for Cats: What Does Catnip Do to Cats

I’m sure that the Cheshire Cat was smiling so widely because he enjoyed catnip for cats - like Felix, my cat, who has the same self-satisfied grin when he has catnip. But what makes this otherwise plain herb so desirable to cats? Is it an aphrod...

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Cat Toilet Training - How to handle problems with your cat's toilet behavior

Cat Toilet Training: How to Litter Box Train a Cat

Sometimes, the problems faced by cat owners have nothing to do with spraying or urination but rather with cat toilet training. Rather, cats can face issues regarding deposits of solid waste. Similarly to above, it is vital to check your cat for ...

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Eliminate Cat Urine Odor

Eliminate Cat Urine Odor – How to Get rid of Cat Urine Smell

Physical problems are the most common cause of inappropriate elimination in cats, but how do you eliminate cat urine odor? It is important to identify and cure these physical problems before you can hope to fix this unpleasant elimination behavior. ...

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Cat Poop Behavior

Cat Poop – Crazy Cat Behavior After Pooping

My cat’s behavior after she poops cat poop is driving me insane, as I am getting more freaked out than she is! As soon as my cat finishes her business, she gets a frantic case of the ‘cat zoomies’ and dashes around the house like she’s ...

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Recovery from Cat Anesthesia

Behavior Changes After Cat Anesthesia

Especially after cat anesthesia, your cats are very likely to show strange behaviors. Do not worry, though; you can keep your cat from getting hurt after surgery, by being aware of the potential behaviors of cats after anesthesia. Except for cat ...

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Cat Dental Care

Cat Teeth: 10 Tips for Cat Dental Care

Your cat may not be hunting in the wild, but he still needs cat dental care for healthy, strong cat teeth and gums. Minor dental issues can become serious health problems if they are not treated early. The good news is these diseases can be easily ...

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Guide to female cat in heat

Cat in Heat Behavior Explained

A cat who has reached sexual maturity will often display signs of a cat in heat, a phenomenon that’s also referred to as estrus. A cat in heat usually shows a very distinct personality. The first estrus of a female cat normally takes place between ...

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Does your cat hate cat litter boxes?

Cat Litter Boxes – Why Your Cat Won’t Use It

We’ve all been there – avoiding the cat litter boxes is a common problem that cat owners face. There are several different causes that may cause such behavior. Cats may dislike the or the , or even the position of it. Even some changes around ...

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Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming Essentials Explained

It’s no secret that cats are highly particular creatures when it comes to cat grooming. When they aren’t eating or sleeping, they are grooming themselves! No matter how independent your cat may be, he will occasionally need your help to stay ...

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Cat giving birth

Behavior After Cats Giving Birth

Your cat having kittens should ordinarily be an exciting time, but after cats giving birth your cat will display some odd signs having kittens. You may want to give your cat some tender care, but she may reject your efforts because behavior after...

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Cat Neutering and Cat Spaying

Cat Neutering and Cat Spaying: Behavior Changes and Why You Should Do It

By cat neutering or spaying your cat, you can make a difference for your pet and for your community. These simple procedures can prevent developmental and behavioral problems, and they also help control overpopulation. What’s the difference ...

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Cat Behavior changes after vet visit

Cat Behavior After Cat Vet Visit

Every decent pet owner knows that cats need to make regular trips to the cat vet, to make sure that they are in good condition. Through these regular checkups at the cat vet, you can start dealing with any health issues that your cat may be going ...

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Pregnant cat

How To Tell if Your Cat Is Pregnant

You ask yourself how to tell if your cat is pregnant? Understanding pregnant cat behavior is a little easier once you know the gestation period of a cat, and what to expect during each of the weeks. Once a cat has conceived, it will display differ...

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Cat Spraying and Urinating

Cat Spraying: How to Deal with Cats Who Mark Their Territory

Although domesticated, remember that your cat is still a descendant of a wild species and may tend to cat spraying and urinating. It is their inner drive to use their scent in order to claim a territory with cat spray. Usually, they leave their ...

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