• Exotic Shorthair Cat

Exotic Shorthair Cat Personality and Character

While the Exotic Shorthair Cat is similar, the Persian cat breed is one of the most popular among cat enthusiasts all over the world. Its lovable docile behaviors and pleasing appearance make it a calm and affectionate addition to households. However, Persians, despite having a low-key personality, tend to demand high amounts of maintenance because of their long hair. With that said, you might want to consider the Exotic Shorthair Cat. The exotic shorthair breed comes with the best of both worlds—while having the Persian’s temperament, it has short fur, which does not need as much maintenance. Here are five behaviors of the exotic shorthair cat.

Temperament and Behavior of Exotic Shorthair Cats

Exotic ShorthairLazy man’s Persian

Appearance and personality-wise, the exotic shorthair breed nods to both its Persian and American shorthair origins. This is because American Shorthair breeders wanted to create a cat breed with the temperament of the Persian cat, without its need for constant fur maintenance—its long fur needed frequent brushing and grooming.

They ended up making the exotic shorthair cat, which some call the “lazy man’s Persian,” due to the personable nature of the Persian while not requiring as much maintenance.


Because of its American Shorthair roots, the exotic shorthair naturally has a playful personality. Exotic shorthair cats love to chase after mice, play with toys, and do other light activities. However, exotic shorthairs also have docile behaviors. In comparison with other active and athletic cat breeds, you might find these cats simply lounging around warm areas, such as your lap.


Exotic shorthair cats make very good companions because of their loyal and affectionate temperament. They also strike a good balance between being very affectionate and not being too demanding. You might find exotic shorthair cats jumping on your lap, shoulder, or even your head if you are lying down.

Exotic Shorthair Cats are very social


Exotic shorthair cats have a soft, melodious voice that does not sound too loud or annoying. They also mostly communicate with their eyes, which are round. Because of their friendly behavior, exotic shorthair cats can blend well in households with children. They will even be friendly towards house guests. Aside from people, exotic shorthair cats can exhibit sociable behaviors towards dogs and other cats.


Exotic shorthair cats do not need much maintenance at all! This breed typically is not fussy by nature and will be content sitting on your lap or playing with you for a while. Their fur, being short but thick, only needs light brushing.

Unique Exotic Shorthair Cat Personality and Behaviors

Especially for first-time cat owners, exotic shorthair cats make very good house pets. Their friendly personality and short bursts of energy make this breed a highly affectionate, yet undemanding house companion. Also, they are also very easy to groom, as their fur is not as lush and long as the Persian’s. These cats can also live as long as 15 years. You may want to conduct regular health checkups with exotic shorthairs, though, as they tend to contract hereditary diseases. Experts also recommend that these cats should be kept in airconditioned places, as their faces can restrict proper breathing.

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