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  • British Shorthair Cat Behavior

Distinctive British Shorthair Cat Personality and Characteristics

One of the main British Shorthair Cat characteristics is its plush fur coat that is sometimes described as crispy. Its round teddy bear like body gives one the impression that this cat is lazy. Though it is not particularly playful, their behavior does include quite a bit of activity, but mostly while it is still a kitten.

Descended from British farm cats, British Shorthair cat behavioral traits include being an excellent trapper and hunter of rodents. This cat is sometimes referred to as ‘the Brit’ which is fitting with the reserved nature of this cat.

5 Unique British Shorthair Cat Characteristics


British Shorthair cat traits do not include seeking attention. While this cat may quietly follow you around, it will not demand that you entertain it. Content when fed and left alone to do its own thing, the characteristics will have it meet you at the door, and relax quietly next to you purring away.

British Shorthair Cat Behavior ExplainedIndependent

If you are a person who loves cats, wants to own one, but does not have time to attend to one, then the independent temperament of the British Shorthair will work perfectly for you. This cat enjoys its freedom and will not spend too much time sleeping. Resisting being carried around is typical behavior.


Short displays of measured playfulness that do not cause destruction are typical of British Shorthair personality. You will not find this considerate cat climbing around the house and making a mess. While it is very tolerant of children, the character traits of these cats around strangers is usually reserved at first. When disturbed, their characteristics is to retreat rather than retaliate.


Intelligence is one of the British Shorthair personality traits that has made it a favorite of the television screens featuring in advertisements, movies and television shows over the years, as it is an easy cat to train. Sometimes their personality is reminiscent of its streetwise ancestry, displaying excellent hunting skills and a lot of endurance.

Indoor Cat

The temperament of these cats finds them spending most of their time on the ground. They do not do much climbing, and this helps them easily adapt to living in an apartment. These cats can live anywhere, but it will be content to go as far as the apartment balcony once in a while.

British Shorthair Cat Behaviors make them Great Pets

The calm and undemanding temperament of British shorthair cats makes them very easy to live with either for a family with a full house, or an individual with a busy schedule. The reserved character will remind you to keep your distance if you try to be overly affectionate. Consistent feeding and the occasional display of affection will go a long way in keeping this independent and freedom-loving cat happy. Despite its independent nature, this cat will still meet you at the door, and follow you around the house. It will cautiously welcome visitors and allow children to play with it.

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