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Cat Toilet Training - How to handle problems with your cat's toilet behavior

Cat Toilet Training: How to Litter Box Train a Cat

Sometimes, the problems faced by cat owners have nothing to do with spraying or urination but rather with cat toilet training. Rather, cats can face issues regarding deposits of solid waste.Similarly to above, it is vital to check your cat for ...

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Eliminate Cat Urine Odor

Eliminate Cat Urine Odor – How to Get rid of Cat Urine Smell

Physical problems are the most common cause of inappropriate elimination in cats, but how do you eliminate cat urine odor? It is important to identify and cure these physical problems before you can hope to fix this unpleasant elimination behavior. ...

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Guide to female cat in heat

Cat in Heat Behavior Explained

A cat who has reached sexual maturity will often display signs of a cat in heat, a phenomenon that’s also referred to as estrus. A cat in heat usually shows a very distinct personality. The first estrus of a female cat normally takes place between ...

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Cat Spray Stop – Review and Insights

Is your beloved cat peeing everywhere, destroying your carpets and furniture? Are you looking for a way to stop your cat from spraying indoors? Look no further, I found a permanent solution for your problem! I am very excited to share an exclusive ...

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Does your cat hate cat litter boxes?

Cat Litter Boxes – Why Your Cat Won’t Use It

We’ve all been there – avoiding the cat litter boxes is a common problem that cat owners face. There are several different causes that may cause such behavior. Cats may dislike the or the , or even the position of it. Even some changes around ...

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Cat Neutering and Cat Spaying

Cat Neutering and Cat Spaying: Behavior Changes and Why You Should Do It

By cat neutering or spaying your cat, you can make a difference for your pet and for your community. These simple procedures can prevent developmental and behavioral problems, and they also help control overpopulation. What’s the difference ...

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Cat Spraying and Urinating

Cat Spraying: How to Deal with Cats Who Mark Their Territory

Although domesticated, remember that your cat is still a descendant of a wild species and may tend to cat spraying and urinating. It is their inner drive to use their scent in order to claim a territory with cat spray. Usually, they leave their ...

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