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  • Guide to Japanese Bobtail Cat Behavior

Guide to Japanese Bobtail Cat Personality and Characteristics

A Japanese Bobtail Cat is an amazing feline friend. While it’s interesting to learn about the breeding purpose of these cats, their genetics influence their health, behavior, and outward appearance. Certain behaviors make the Japanese Bobtail cats, and some of these behaviors may be rather irritating if you don’t understand them well.

Knowing and understanding their unique needs and behavior will help you keep them healthy and create a stronger bond between the both of you. Below is a look at the Japanese Bobtail cat behavior and personality that will help you understand these pets and enable you to keep them feeling their best.

Distinct Japanese Bobtail Cat Personality

Very social

Japanese Bobtail CatThis is a very friendly cat that enjoys the company of people. The cat is very lively, loving and well-mannered when in the company of people as well as other pets. This breed of cats is similar to other purebred cat breeds in the sense that it doesn’t thrive well when left alone for an extended period, and they don’t like living outdoors either.

If you own this pet, you should treat just like you would treat any other family member since they surely deserve this amount of attention and commitment from you. One of the important cat breed characteristics is that it’s very flexible and enjoys a very busy and stimulating kind of environment. This personality of Japanese Bobtail cats makes it an ideal cat breed for homes with many kids.

Extremely “talkative”

Another behavior of Japanese bobtail cats is that they’re highly vocal and its voice is usually soft and pleasant. The cat can be more vocal as compared to many other breeds of cats, but its voice is usually much softer and more pleasant than the voice of the Siamese Cat and most of other exotic oriental short-haired cats. You’ll be surprised by the range of feline vocabulary the cat has. He isn’t loud at all, but he does have so much to say and a range of tones in which to say them.

Highly active

Another known nature of Japanese Bobtail cats is that they’re active, fit, and strong. They’re also nosy and very playful. This provides you with several hours of endless entertainment. If you own this cat, you should ensure you get lots of toys, climbing structures, and scratching posts since they love playing a lot. The cat is flexible and enjoys the company of people and other pets, but they also don’t mind playing on their own.

When he is not asking you about your day or telling you a story about his day, it’s very likely that he is carrying around his favorite toy or flapping his paw into your aquarium. This cat loves playing with water so you might find your faucets turned on or wet patches beside his water dish. This cat also loves climbing and pouncing, so you will frequently catch him relaxing on top of your cabinets or any other high spot around your house when he isn’t in the mood for games. It is a fun thing to do. This sociable cat breed is treasured for its intelligence as well as its friendly and outgoing nature.

Other Japanese Bobtail Cat Behaviors and Personality Traits

This cat is adaptable and can travel well, making it a great choice for boisterous families or those people who enjoy the mobile lifestyle. One negative Japanese bobtail cat personality is that he can be quite stubborn, and it is very difficult to change his mind about the things that are okay to do and those that are not. The cat is usually busy and must always have some company. Remember that a bored Bobtail cat is amazingly creative, and not necessarily in a way, you’ll appreciate. But understanding the Japanese Bobtail cat behavior and personality discussed here will help you avoid such unwanted occurrences.

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