• 20 Interesting Cat Facts

20 Interesting Cat Facts – Part 1

There are so many awesome things about our beloved feline friends that it is time for a new Cat Facts category. Please enjoy Part 1 with 20 new cat facts:

20 Awesome Cat Facts

  1. Cats have better hearing than dogs and a two octave higher frequency hearing than humans.
  2. When chasing prey, cats keep their heads level while the heads of humans and dogs have an up and down movement.
  3. A bezoar is a technical name for a cat hairball.
  4. Clowder refers to cats in a group.
  5. There are over 100 distinctive cat sounds compared to only ten made by dogs.
  6. The Latin words for cat are cath, katze, and The word cat refers to a domestic feline while the word for wild cat is feles.
  7. The most popular pet worldwide, cat ownership outnumbers dogs 3-to-1. North America has 73 million domesticated cats and only 63 million pet dogs.
  8. There are over 30% North American cat households.
  9. The short distance speed of a cat tops 31 mph or 49 km.
  10. Cats not only show affection by rubbing against you, but they are marking their territory. The face, tail, and paws have scent glands for leaving Cat Factstheir distinctive smell behind on people and objects.
  11. A cat’s face has 12 whiskers on each side, and they use them for determining space size and if they can fit through the opening.
  12. Purring is a mystery, and one baffling researchers for years. The consensus among veterinarians is the throat’s vocal folds vibrate causing the purrs.
  13. Average litters sizes range from one to nine kittens
  14. The largest litter on record producing nineteen kittens.
  15. The cognitive information center of the cat brain, the cerebral cortex, has 300 million neurons, two times more neurons than a dog’s at 160 million neurons.
  16. The biological similarities to the human brain are more pronounced in a cat than a dog. Cats and humans have the same brain regions for emotion control.
  17. The three top popular pedigree cats, in order, are:
  18. The nine lives theory comes from the power of their back and leg muscles and spine flexibility.
  19. Cats jump five times higher than their own height.
  20. The fur of a cat is not insulated when wet, and the reason cats don’t like water.

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our awesome cat facts.

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