• The 25 Best Cat Toys your Cat will love!

Cat Toys: The 25 Best Cat Toys of 2018

Cats are known to be difficult creatures – the best cat toys one day can become boring and unengaging the next – or worse; it could become our cat’s worst enemy that has to be killed! They can go from happy and energetic, to bored and difficult to entertain, to just plain lazy in a matter of moments. This can cause a problem when we, as cat owners, try to find toys that our cats will love. More often this can be very frustrating for cat owners, as buying cat toys seem like a huge waste of money, particularly when often household objects like newspapers or yarn can be equally engaging. Cats are sometimes too difficult to predict to buy them toys we know they will love.

To help you through these difficult decisions, I have tested and picked out my three favorite cat toys, which I am sure will keep even the most unpredictable cats happy and engaged for hours if not days!

  1. Petsafe Pounce
  2. FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy
  3. Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

I understand exactly how difficult buying the best cat toys can be. We have all wasted money on endless cat toys that are quickly forgotten or thrown away. Nevertheless, we also know just how much we all love our cats, and how much we want to treat them to toys they love! When we can’t be around all day to entertain our cats ourselves, toys provide a great source of fun and games.

To help you avoid wasting more money on unwanted cat toys, I have tested a huge number of available toys on my cats (and my friends cats…), along with reading through endless customer reviews, to create a list of the 25 best cat toys out there on the market. You are welcome.

The 25 Best Cat Toys of 2018

FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy

For very energetic cats, this interactive laser toy will be a perfect addition to your cat’s toy collection. The FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser is a laser pointer that your cat will chase all over your house for hours with very minimal effort from you – all you have to do is point it at a surface and watch your cat go mad attacking the spot! This toy is very popular among owners, with plenty of testimonials from happy owners who found their cats loved it.

  • Perfect for animals with high energy levels
  • Excellent way to spend quality time with your cat



Bergan Turbo Scratcher

The Bergan Turbo Scratcher is a great product that will amuse your cat and simultaneously protect your furniture from the cat scratches that are a well-known hazard among all owners. This toy combines a scratch pad with an attached ball that will keep your curious cat interested in the toy.

  • Gives cats an alternative place to scratch to protect your furniture
  • Ideal for aging felines who play at their speed
  • Cats can entertain themselves with this toy without the owner being present



Pet Fit For Life Multi Feather Teaser

The Pet Fit for Life Multi Feather Teaser & Exerciser is a great toy for if you want to play with your cat. This interactive feathery toy is made from all non-toxic materials and has a strong and lasting structure, guaranteed to thrill your cat for a very long time!

  • Perfect for animals with high energy levels
  • Excellent way to spend quality time with your cat
  • Very durable toy for long-lasting fun



Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

The Catit Design Senses Play Circuit is a particular favorite of ours, as it has been shown to amuse even the most stubborn and lazy cats that just do not seem interested in traditional cat toys! Modeled after a game of peek-a-boo, cats of all ages and natures find this toy entertaining. Customer reviews of this toy also indicate that it lasts a long time due to its strong materials and design.

  • Very durable toy for long-lasting fun
  • Ideal for all types and ages of cat



Catnip Filled Banana

For those of you with older cats, this toy will be a good fit in your home. This toy is simple and allows your cat to play at their leisure – it is also guaranteed to be a regular favorite of your cat because of the catnip inside that is addictive for cats. An bonus – it is hilarious to watch your cat stroll around with a huge banana in their mouth!

  • Good for aging cats
  • Ideal for your feline to play with alone
  • Catnip inside keeps your cat addicted to this toy




The HEXBUG Mouse is a small electronic toy that perfectly mimics the behavior of a mouse. When turned on, it moves in realistic but unpredictable ways that will keep your cat on its toes – it is also designed to navigate its way around furniture, and other household objects so don’t require an owner to be present to unstick the toy from difficult holes. Another benefit is that it might reduce the number of real mice that your cat drags into your home!

  • Can entertain a cat without an owner being present
  • Realistic toy that will amuse all types and ages of cat
  • Toy comes with batteries



Petlinks Mystery Motion Cat Toy

The Petlinks Electronic Motion Cat Toy is an automated electronic toy that moves around in random patterns that will keep your cat interested and engaged for a very long time. This toy can move at four speeds so can be programmed to suit the energy level and age of your cat.

  • Perfect for all types and ages of cat
  • Many settings and speeds that can be programmed to suit your specific cat
  • Made with durable materials for long-lasting fun



Petsafe Pounce

The Petsafe Pounce toy is a perfect choice for lively and spirited cats. Featuring random movements, several different settings and speeds, and an automatic timer, this is a great toy for playing with your cat in an interactive way. This toy comes with a miniature mouse, made of plastic, that constantly moves in different directions at four separate speeds.

  • Ideal toy for all types and ages of cat
  • Great toy for inquisitive cats that are hard to entertain
  • Modern and stylish look



EocuSun RC Remote Control Mouse

The EocuSun 3 Pcs Set RC Mouse Funny Wireless Remote Control Rat Toys are hugely amusing for both cats and their owners! Like a remote controlled toy, this product requires minimal physical efforts on the part of owners, who can use the control to play with their cat from the comfort of their bed or sofa. Further, this product is very cheap for what it is, perfect for owners who don’t have the fortune to spend on their pets’ health and happiness.

  • Fantastic value for money on this toy
  • Ideal for interactive bonding time with your cat
  • Simple toy that is perfect for young animals



Toys”R”Us Tunnel Pop Up Cat Toy

This toy is a great replacement for tatty old cardboard boxes that so often seem to provide great entertainment to our cats. This is a colorful product with three tunnels that can act as a great hiding spot or cat-cave for our favorite pets. Additionally, this toy is very easy to store – it has a simple design that allows an owner to quickly fold the product away when not in use. Furthermore, the designers have added a small dangle toy inside the tunnels to provide extra stimulation for your cat.

  • Great for all types and ages of cat
  • Colorful and attractive design



KONG Crisscross Rolling Cat Toy

The bells inside this ball-shaped toy will instantly attract your cat from any corner of your house and keep them interested for hours! As a larger toy (at 19 inches in diameter), this will not prove a choking hazard either, unlike some similar items on the market. This toy is perfect for both playing with your animal, and for when you are unavailable and want your cat to be happy while they are alone. This product is a good option if your home has hardwood floors as well, as this is the best surface to roll the toy across.

  • Good for playing with your cat or for solo play
  • Made with durable materials for long-lasting play
  • Big toy so safe for cats to play with



The Natural Pet Company Ultimate Cat Toy Collection

This wide collection of toys is good for you if your cat always manages to lose or hide their toys, as it means you always will have a back-up to pull out and play with. This product comes with one main dangle toy, and five extra toys made of various durable and engaging materials to provide variety and interest to your cat’s game collection.

  • Wide variety of toys to keep your cat interested through it’s changing moods
  • Durable materials used for long-lasting fun
  • Good value for money



Petstages Invironment Easy Life Hammock Scratcher

This product provides two main benefits in just one simple design. One the one hand it acts like a hammock, a comfortable sleeping spot for your animal. On the other hand, it is a scratching post that will keep your cat’s claws healthy while protecting your furniture! This product also has a lovely design based on a grass motif – it also folds up nicely for easy storage.



KONG Squirrel Catnip Cat Toy

As was memorialized in the classic film, Up, dogs love squirrels. But cats can also enjoy chasing around these animals just as much! This product looks like a squirrel to provide this amusement, and is also filled with two pouches of catnip to keep your cat addicted to playing with this fun toy! The design of this toy ensures that catnip cannot spill everywhere.



SmartyKat Crackle Chute Collapsible Tunnel

This toy is very versatile and provides many options for your cat. They will love hiding inside the tunnel ready to pounce, running through it and around it when they are in high spirits, and be able to rest and sleep inside its cozy interior when they are tired of all that fun! This is another ideal toy for owners as well, as this toy easily folds away for simple storage.

  • Great for inquisitive kittens
  • Easily stored away when not in use



Petlinks Wild Thing Motion Cat Toy

By adding just two batteries, this toy will take all the stress out of play time with your cat. The electronic ball will spin and move frantically around your house, drawing your cat in by dangling a feather in front of their noses! This product can be used on any floor surface, from wood to carpets, and doesn’t require any involvement or effort from owners.



Cat1st Ninja Cat Tunnel

This toy is the perfect answer for a cat that loves to climb. This is a low-cost product that creates an exciting jungle gym in your living room – even better, buying several of these tunnels means you can stack them together and provide an even taller and more engaging structure for your cats to play on. Easily connected with Velcro straps, this toy gives your kitten endless opportunities to run, nap, climb and have endless fun!

  • Great for solo play
  • Perfectly matches your cat’s instincts to climb
  • Folds away easily for storage



Cat Dancer Charmer Wand

This is a simple and cheap toy that will provide hours of entertainment for your cat. This is an easy toy to use, as all it requires is a simple movement of the hand to drag the toy across the floor – your cat will undoubtedly pounce of the colorful fleece element of this toy! This product has close to 4000 reviews, the overwhelming majority of which are positive. One happy consumer described this toy as “THE #1 Cat Toy of the Millennium” and “the LAST toy I will ever buy for a cat…” – such a highly regarded product is worth the buy! The low price makes this product an even better option for your cat.

  • Addictive for cats
  • Very good value for money
  • Durable materials for long-lasting fun



KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher Cat Toy

This toy is much more than a simple toy – it is an essential purchase for any household with a cat. This cat scratcher will be irresistible to your animal, even more so if you sprinkle catnip across its surface. One downside of this product is that it will quickly be destroyed by your cat as it is only made of cardboard. It can be reversed so it can be used for a bit longer – but eventually, you will have to replace this product.



Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree

This toy is excellent for cats that love a tasty reward after playing. This plastic maze can be filled up with your cat’s favorite snacks or nibbles, which will be released to your cat if they can work out how to work it out through the maze! This will engage your cat’s brain and inquisitive nature, and keep them engaged as they are motivated by the tasty surprise when they are successful. This toy can be extended and improved by adding additional Sensis 2.0 products, which will create a longer and more complex maze for your cat to master. Additional features can be added, such as a ball to chase.



SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Mice

Filled up with catnip, these mouse-shaped toys will be loved by all types and ages of a cat. These toys are silent, durable and lightweight, so can easily be moved around by your cats and can even seem to come to life as they bounce of paws and furniture. Unfortunately, these small and light toys do have a tendency to vanish underneath big objects such as couches – but as they are very cheap toys it is worth buying several to keep as spares!



SmartCat Peek and Play Toy Box

This toy box is a perfect place to store all of the other toys you have bought for your cat, and further will encourage your cats to forage for their favorite toys – an engaging and fun challenge in itself! Playtime will be extended by storing all your toys – and catnip – in this handy box. It will also help avoid you having toys strewn all over your house!



Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

This is a good product for a multi-cat household, as it provides three balls rather than earlier products which only provide single objects or toys in each package. The different levels of this product will engage different cats and different times and could encourage cats to play together. All this in a single simple product is a steal!



Petstages Kick and Scratch Cat Catnip Toss and Bat Toy

This toy again has catnip inside to keep your cat interested but has the additional benefits of many attached tinsel elements and feathers. Your cat will love to attack this toy all around the house!

  • Good for solo play and interactive play with owners
  • Great for energetic cats
  • Made of durable materials for long-lasting play


Spot Slotted Balls

This 4 Pack of Spot Slotted Balls is a simple cat toy that will still keep your cats amused for hours a day. The bell inside of each ball will attract your cat from across the house and will provide a challenging game for them as they chase it around! For owners concerned by the potential noise, the bells inside are not loud enough to bother humans – one customer review assured that despite her cat’s love of playing with the ball all through the night, she was never woken up by the noise. Made of highly durable materials, this toy is practically indestructible according to other satisfied customers.

  • Very durable toy for long-lasting fun
  • Cheap product
  • Ideal for all types of cat

Why Are The Best Cat Toys For Your Cat Necessary?

There are seemingly many reasons not to bother buying cat toys – when your cat becomes uninterested in the toys you have lovingly bought, it can seem like a waste of time and money. We maintain that there are some good reasons for continuing to buy the best cat toys for your feline friends, however, as we discuss here!


Particularly for house cats, buying toys can encourage even the laziest cats to get up and run around. Many of these cat toys don’t require any effort from owners either, so your cat can stay healthy and happy all by itself.

Fun and happiness

An engaged cat is a happy cat. Cats enjoy playing and running around just as much as many humans do – this fun is only heightened when they have other cats to play with toys with them!

Anxiety relief

Cats can get bored if they are not engaged in some activities throughout the day. The best cat toys provide a chance for cats to get exercise and for them to have fun in their home instead of just sitting around all day – the physical and mental activity can relief stress and anxiety in your pet and prevent aggression or unwanted urination around your home.

Cats love the best cat toysBonding time

Because cats are often more subdued than their friendlier dog companions, many owners find it challenging to bond effectively with their cats. Cats don’t need to be taken for walks or on outdoor trips, so there is less chance to get to know their personalities and let them learn to trust and love you. Toys, however, can provide the opportunity to spend some quality time with cats.

Overall health

Playing with toys improves the health of cats by ensuring regular physical exercise takes place and by relieving the stress and anxiety felt by cats. Finding a way to engage your cat in toys and games for the longest possible time is the key to ensuring you have a healthy and happy cat overall.

The Different Types of the Best Cat Toys

There are a huge variety of cat toys available on the market – understanding the differences between toys and the specific features provided by each type is key to finding a toy that your cat loves and one that provides all the benefits listed above. This is easy to do, as typically cat toys are one of three types:

Interactive Cat Toys

Interactive toys are designed to either engage a cat by itself or to facilitate human interaction with a cat through the toy. These best cat toys are the best for developing a strong bond between cat and owner and are good at engaging cats both physically and mentally. Examples of interactive toys include da bird, fuzzy mice, and the panic mouse.

Electronic Cat Toys

Electronic toys require batteries and often encourage cats to engage in high levels of energetic physical exercise as they run all over your house! These types of toys run either automatically or through an owner-controlled remote, allowing for solo cat play or a more interactive style of play between cat and owner. Examples of electronic cat toys include remote control mice and moving balls – laser pointers are another particularly popular type of electronic toy.

Stuffed Cat Toys

Stuffed animals and toys, such as mice and birds, are a favorite among cats as they mimic the type of prey your cat would hunt if it were wild. A lot of stuffed cat toys contain catnip to attract better and engage cats.

Take Your Cat’s Age into Consideration

Younger cats and kittens prefer cat toys which are more activeCats will prefer different toys at different stages of their lives. Kittens tend to prefer toys that encourage a lot of energetic movement, while older cats often gravitate towards catnip-filled toys that are easier to play with and catch, and are suitable for rolling around with at a more leisurely pace. Finding the best cat toys that match your cat’s pace and age is important for their health and to engage their interest.

If you have a kitten, toys that require a high-level energy are most suitable. Bigger toys that do not pose choking hazards are also better for small cats who are still learning about the world and the dangers in it (this is less of a problem for older cats who have a better sense of their environment). For an older cat, toys that allow them to play on their own in their own time are best. Interactive cat toys are often too high energy and require owner and cat to be awake and ready to play at the same time! Stuffed catnip toys are most popular among older cats.

The Final Word

The best cat toys are a necessity if you want to have a happy and healthy cat. It is important to consider your cat’s age, personality and your availability to play with them when choosing a cat toy – if not you may risk purchasing a toy that is rarely used or unwanted.

Please do leave a comment if you like any of our suggestions, or if I missed your favorite best cat toy!

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