• Top 5 Cat Toys 2017 - How to Make Your Cat Happy

DIY Cat Toys – Cheap Cat Toys Your Cat Will Love

Does your feline friend seem really bored lately because he’s missing some DIY cat toys? Is he/she sleeping a little too much? Are you looking for a new way to entertain your furry companion and ask yourself how to make cat toys yourself? No fear friend, in no particular order, here is a list of the best DIY cat toys for this year from the ones who know the most, my cats. Your cat will forever thank you.

The Best DIY Cat Toys

1. Balls

Vague, I know. Balls for cats are perhaps as simple as it gets but extremely effective. There are many varieties including balls with a bell in the middle, balls with strands of fur hanging from it, as well as bouncy balls that will bounce all over the place and drive cats crazy. My cats prefer the spiked rolling balls with a bell in the middle that makes a lot of noise. Just shake it in front of them and toss, they’ll go crazy and charge the ball. Most of the time, my cats will even bring the ball back just like their canine counterpart. Of course you can always use any ball you find at home for diy cat toys.

The top 5 cat toys2. Boxes

Another simple yet effective toy for what many say is the only species of pet that have domesticated themselves. A majority of cat owners will vie for cardboard boxes, as they are very cheap and very effective diy cat toys. Cats love chewing and scratching them and will even make them their nap hangout for months on end. It seems that the smaller the box, the more the cat will like it, at least that’s the way it is for my cats. It seems that when given the choice between a big box and tiny small box that they’ll barely fit into, they’ll take the coziness of the smaller one. They are definitely not afraid of tight spaces.

3. Catnip

Yes, the classic herb that drives cats wild. Most cats love anything with catnip in it, from beanbag toys, balls, to even the plants themselves. Although most cats love catnip, research has shown the effect the plant has varies and some cats feel nothing at all. My cats are of course in the majority and love it. They’ll roll and run around almost immediately and have crazy fun. They prefer the fresh catnip plant, but the more accessible cat herbs that can be bought in stores work almost just as well. Make sure you check out my comprehensive guide on catnip.

The top 5 cat toys4. Anything Connected to a String

Again, here’s another simple yet effective budget friendly toy for cats. The movement by the object on the other end of the string will drive a cat wild. Its tail will start twirling and watch out as their primal instincts take over and that rope becomes dead meat. It may appear to be cheap and dainty, well it is cheap, but this works and is definitely one of my cat’s favorite toys. They love anything fuzzy on a string the most, but a pen or even a piece of paper will work as well as diy cat toys.

5. Cat Scratcher/ Cat Furniture

Not really a cat toy, but boy do cats love them. Cats will love climbing the furniture and most likely make it a designated sleeping are for a while. And the scratchers, well cats always love to scratch. Cat Scratchers come in a variety of styles from wall to floor versions. For some reason, my cats aren’t a big fan of the furniture; they prefer the floor kind and make it a daily ritual to get a good scratch before mowing down some food for the day. Just be careful, and make sure the cats are scratching their toys and not your couch.

Well there you go. So cancel your plans, go out to the store tonight, buy your feline friend new cat toys and you two or three or four have a wonderful night.

Need more inspiration? Read more about the best toys for cats: http://www.ourfriends4ever.com/best-cat-toys/

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