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  • Turkish Van Cat Personality and Behavior

Turkish Van Cat Personality and Characteristics

If you love to collect souvenirs, then a Turkish Van Cat might not be the ideal pet for you, unless you are willing to put away your trinkets. This cat personality includes being very playful and clumsy which will lead to breakages around the house. There have been claims that the intelligent Turkish cat breed characteristics are not clumsy, but that the cat deliberately drops things just to see what will happen. A surprising behavior of these cats is their love for water. This cat loves playing in and with water, and has been known to join their owners in the bath.

Distinctive Turkish Van Cat Characteristics

Loves Playing

The Turkish Van Cat breed has their own personality and characteristicsPlayful Turkish van cat personality includes antics such as catching toys in the air, jumping onto high perches, or even playing with paper or ribbons. Full of energy, this cat can play for hours on end which can get tiring for you if you are involved in a game of fetch. Their characteristics in play may have it surprise you by snatching food off your plate.

This cat does take a break from playing, and when it does it will take a position next to you and sometimes in your lap. A curious behavior of these cats is its dislike for being carried. If you do attempt to carry it during play, it is bound to resist.

Loves Water

Part of Turkish cat breed characteristics is a love of water. Due to this, it has been nicknamed ‘the Swimming cat’. The Turkish Van cat characteristics of playing with water will require you to keep the bathroom door closed. Some cats have been known to figure out how to open taps and even flush toilets.

This cat will drop its toys in the toilet bowl and make a mess. Other than letting it out into the rain, you can find other ways to indulge this behavior by providing it with a water bowl to play with every now and then and allow it to splash around to its delight.

Hates Travelling

The behavior of these cats takes a negative turn when it comes to travelling. They suffer from car sickness and may mess your car with vomit, pee or poop. Where possible, counter this cat breed characteristics by moving your cat around in a car from a young age. Alternatively, you can ask its breeder what your cat behavior is like when travelling based on how its parents behaved when travelling. If your family is one that travels a lot, you may want to consider getting a different breed of cat to avoid these Turkish Van cat characteristics.

‘Marked’ Turkish Van Cat Breed Characteristics

A prominent characteristic of Turkish Van cats is its white coat with reddish colored markings on its head, tail and shoulder. In its home land, the distinct cat feature of markings on its shoulder is known as ‘the mark of Allah’ where God touched and blessed this cat.

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