• Best Ways to Bond With Your New Cat

How to Bond With a New Cat – Complete Guide

Let me introduce you to the best ways on how to bond with a new cat. When you introduce a new cat to your home, sometimes the cat might hide or refuse to eat. The cat may also meow a lot because it is in a new environment. This happened to two of my kittens. When I brought them home, they meowed all night for their mom and siblings. They hid under the bed and wouldn’t come out. The cat’s body language and behavior was not very comfortable. Eventually though, your cat should come around. It may take a couple days for the cat to adjust to the new environment. Once it has adjusted, you can start the bonding process between you and your new cat.

Here Are Some Ways How to Bond With a New Cat

Do not get discouraged if you do not instantly bond with your cat. Cats can take time to come around. It may take a little time for it to trust you and know that you are it’s owner.

How to bond with a new cat? Pet and stroke your catPet and Stroke Your Cat

Cats like to be pet in certain places, usually around the cheeks, under the chin and behind the ears. Start out by petting the cat and letting him/her smell your scent. This way the cat will associate you with someone that makes them feel good. You may even hear the cat purr.
If you want to know how to bond with a new cat, it is best that you do the feeding. This way not only will the cat associate you with someone that makes them feel good but also someone who takes care of them.

Allow Your Cat in Your Room

If you allow the cat into your bedroom, it may climb up on the bed to be closer to you. This is a great bonding experience. If you let your cat sleep next to you or even on you, the two of you will become closer. If the cat wants to sleep with you, that is a good sign. It shows that he trusts you and wants to be near you. Cats love the warmth of a human body as well as blankets on a bed.

Buy your cat some new toys - How to bond with a new cat?Buy Some Play Toys

If you haven’t already bought some toys for your cat to play with, now is the time. If you really want to know how to bond with a new cat, try playing with it. Cats love to play with toys. I recommend cat teasers. A cat teaser is a wand with a string that has either feathers or a toy attached to the end of it. Every cat I know loves to play with these. There are other toys out there that you could buy in stores or online. If you don’t want to buy a toy, try rolling up some tin foil in a ball and rolling it across the floor in front of your cat. When you play with your cat, you will feel the bond you are creating between the two of you and see a more relaxed body language. Plus, you are providing your cat entertainment and helping to give it some exercise which is good for his/her muscle tone and development.

Give Your Cat the Love Eyes

Did you ever of a cat giving someone “love eyes”? That is when a cat closes his/her eyes slowly, then opens them just a bit and then closes them while looking at the person. I feel an instant bond with my cats whenever they do this to me. I do it back to them and we go back and forth a few times exchanging “love eyes”. It makes me feel that they are content with me and are comfortable to be in my presence.

Bonding with your new cat can be a rewarding experience. If your cat is having trouble bonding with you, give it time. Some cats are set in their ways. It might be easier to start the bonding process when they are very young, if you can.

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