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  • Maine Coon Cat vs. Norwegian Forest Cat Behavior

Maine Coon Cat vs. Norwegian Forest Cat Personality

If you love furry cats, the Maine Coon cat or the Norwegian forest cat are some of the breeds you could consider. Both have fluffy coats as they are cold climate felines, and they are pretty large compared to other cats. Before settling on either of the breeds, it is best to know the Maine Coon vs. Norwegian forest cat characteristics. Read on to find out some of the personality traits of Maine Coon cats and also the personality traits of the Norwegian forest cats.

Behavioral Differences between Maine Coon Cat and Norwegian Forest Cat

Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon CatOne of the personality traits of Maine Coon cats is that they are very friendly. It is quite a large cat, up to 9 kg, with impressive measurements which can be as great as 120 cm from nose to top of the tail. Females are smaller, usually around the 4.5 – 6.5 kg mark. They are intelligent big cats which are easy to train. You may even be able to walk your “gentle giant” on a leash! Another thing which stands out is their sound. Although they are robust cats, they have a very delicate sound, and they are renowned for their friendly chirps and soft voice.

Being territorial is also another characteristic of the Maine Coon cat. Maine Coons tend to dominate over everyone and everything in their environment. A big appetite is also a noticeable trait of Maine Coon cats, so be prepared to fill a larger food bowl especially if it’s a male. Other distinct signs of the Maine Coon cat is its assertiveness as well as its love for playing with water, something that stands out when comparing to the Norwegian forest cat. Maine Coon cats are very happy and affectionate, and they love family activities such as gardening and washing up.

Norwegian Forest Cats

The Norwegian Forest cat is smaller than the Maine Coon, with a weight up to 7 kg. Females aren’t that great in size. A similar trait to the Maine Coon cat is intelligence. The Norwegian forest cat is very smart and quite assertive with strangers who are quite a distinct character trait of this fluffy cat.  Another personality trait that is similar when comparing to the Maine Coon cat is that it can be quite territorial. The Norwegian forest cat also loves to play and show off its hunting capabilities which it is very good at.

One of the major personality traits of Norwegian forest cats is that they love to climb and they do this fearlessly. They also have quite an appetite. However, this may be most noticeable in males, as female cats are smaller and don’t usually consume more than the average cat. Another behavior of Norwegian forest cat is that it is not clingy but will look for companionship elsewhere if left alone for a long time. The Norwegian forest cat is also softly spoken but can get very vocal if sharing the house with a dog. Norwegian Forest cats are well behaved, and these personality traits make them well suited for family life.

Norwegian Forest Cat or Maine Coon? Which one will you choose?

Maine Coon compared to Norwegian forest cat personality is quite similar. Both make very nice pets, and they offer great company and companionship. They are highly intelligent breeds with beautiful appearances that one can gain a strong personal connection with. So if you are considering a friendly and furry feline friend, both the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest cat breeds make very good contenders. I hope this brief outline of Maine Coon vs. Norwegian forest cat personality has helped you one step further in understanding the behavioral traits of these two unique cold climate cats.

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