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Cat Ears explained

Cat Ears: Understanding Your Cat’s Body Language

Who doesn't notice the beautiful cat ears as soon as a cat appears in front of you? But cats can be difficult to understand for some people. However, many people find that cats are easy to understand as long as they pay proper attention and learn ...

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Complete guide to cat behavior: body language, mood, sounds

Complete Guide to Cat Behavior and Cat Body Language

Communication with your cat is key, and while their cat behavior can’t speak as we humans can, they have many ways like cat body language  of letting you know how they feel. The way your cat looks at you, the pitch of their speech, the way ...

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20 Interesting Cat Facts

20 Interesting Cat Facts – Part 1

There are so many awesome things about our beloved feline friends that it is time for a new Cat Facts category. Please enjoy Part 1 with 20 new cat facts: 20 Awesome Cat FactsCats have better hearing than dogs and a two octave higher freque...

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