• New Study About Cat Language - Best Way for Owner and Cat to Bond

New Study About Cat Language – Best Way for Owner and Cat to Bond

A new Japanese study is breakthrough research into the fascinating topic on how animals, specifically cats, think, cat language and the way they comprehend humans. The results of this exciting study show the astounding ability of felines for understanding the human language.

In Tokyo, Japan, researchers discovered a trait distinguishing the domesticated cats from other felines. This language understanding ability is not present in other large or wild cats including lions and tigers. The small house cat is more sophisticated verbally and evolved in understanding humans when they became domesticated.

The Japanese Research Uncovered 3 Important Ways in Which Cats Understand Humans

The Japanese research uncovered 3 important ways in which cats understand humansCats can determine our mood by understanding the pitch of our voice. They know the difference between humans being angry or wanting to give them a hug.
They understand humans through their words. The titles we give household items and activities, like time to eat and go outside, and their name and ours.
• Through their domestication, the house cat has learned to mirror our actions. Because of their need for stealth in hunting wild cats are seldom vocal. Being quiet helps camouflage them from their pray until they are ready to attack. Wild cats communicate with their body instead of sound.

With domestication, cats copied us by watching our vocal interactions with other humans. This mirroring helped cats develop their own language. Cat language includes purrs, hisses, and meows built on the length of words and tone.

The Cat Language Bible Deciphers the Secret Language of Cats

This book comprises years of research condensed into a guide about how humans and feline communicate. It’s an easy to understand guide and a quick reference anytime the owner needs to understand what their cat is saying.

Use the Cat Language Guide as a Quick Reference for:

Cat Language Bible CoverInterpreting the sounds of your cat as they are making them, helping you decide when you have an energized cat, angry cat, or a sick cat. You may ask yourself: Why do cats purr? Why do cats meow? And of course: What does it mean when a cat purrs?
Understand what your cat’s body language says about its thoughts. Is your cat depressed or feeling left out or does it prefer being left alone? This guide shows you the common verbal and body communications used by felines.
How to talk to your cat so he understands you. They don’t have advanced language like humans, but there are sounds they make that we can easily interpret.

It’s Time to Finally Understand Your Cat’s Behavior

You can learn to talk to your cat in a way he’ll understand by following the guidance in The Cat Language Bible. A must-have for any cat household, the guide helps you build a closer connection with your feline through conversation.


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• For more information and a free video explaining your cats behavior go to the official website of The Cat Language Bible.

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