• Is Your Cat Scratching Around the House?

Is Your Cat Scratching Around the House?

I adore my cats, but there’s nothing more frustrating than hearing the sound of claws on carpet or seeing your cat scratching the new curtains shredded. I even had one of my cats use my back as a scratching post once. Cat scratching is a natural, inherited behavior in cats, just like purring and constantly meowing, so it’s important to train them early not to scratch things like carpet, furniture and curtains.

How to Stop Your Cat Scratching Around the House

Do not Physically Hurt or Yell at Your Cat

This method of punishment is not effective because it will breach the bonds of trust between cat and owner and it will do nothing to deter the cat when its owner is gone from the house.

Is your cat scratching around the house?Give Cats a Positive Outlet

If your cat is always indoors, it will need someplace to scratch. Most people think that cats scratching helps them to sharpen their claws, but the truth is cats often scratch to mark their territory. So investing in a good quality cat castle will give your pet a place to sleep, play, and scratch. Involving your cat in lots of activities will deter it from cat scratching around the house. Give your cat plenty of yarn and cat toys to prevent them from succumbing to boredom.

Pay Attention to What Your Cat Wants

If my bedroom door is shut, my cat will scratch the carpet right by the door. Sometimes cats will scratch other things besides the door when they are cooped in, hungry, or bored. Picking up on these signs can help prevent some unwanted scratching.

Deter the Cat from Bad Behavior

Keep a spray bottle ready in the room(s) of question so you can catch your cat in the act. Putting a few drops of an essential oil, such as cinnamon or clove, around the furniture is also a great deterrent. Bells, plastic sacks or double sided tape can work well at scaring off your cat.

If nothing is working… trimming your cats claws regularly will greatly lessen the damage. Cat paw covers are a great alternative to declawing, if you are considering it as a last resort. Cats take lots of patience and care but most owners will attest that they are wonderful pets.

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