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20 Interesting Cat Facts - Part 3

20 Interesting Cat Facts – Part 3

Since my previous posts about interesting Cat Facts (Part 1 and Part 2) have been such a success I decided to gather some more interesting cat facts about our beloved feline friends. Interesting Cat Facts - Part 3Cats are vibration sensitive ...

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Cat giving birth

Behavior After Cats Giving Birth

Your cat having kittens should ordinarily be an exciting time, but after cats giving birth your cat will display some odd signs having kittens. You may want to give your cat some tender care, but she may reject your efforts because behavior afterÂ...

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20 Interesting Cat Facts

20 Interesting Cat Facts – Part 2

Our feline friends are such interesting animals - it's time for another random Cat Facts post on my blog. If you missed it, here is Cat Facts - Part 1. 20 Awesome and Random Cat FactsHair tufts on the ears help direct sounds while filtering ...

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Best Ways to Bond With Your New Cat

How to Bond With a New Cat – Complete Guide

Let me introduce you to the best ways on how to bond with a new cat. When you introduce a new cat to your home, sometimes the cat might hide or refuse to eat. The cat may also meow a lot because it is in a new environment. This happened to two of my ...

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