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  • How to Put Your Cat on a Diet With the Best Cat Food

How to Put Your Cat on a Diet With the Best Cat Food

Putting your cat on a diet with the best cat food is something that most people shy away from, because they think that it’s cruel or maybe that you’re depriving your cat of the things he wants. But some cats get obese and have serious risk of a heart attack or heart failure which most times leads to death. With just a few simple steps your cat will be on the path to a healthier life.

Cat Diet With the Best Cat Food


Cat diet with the best cat foodIt’s not rocket science that the more your cat eats the fatter he gets. Now I’m not saying skip out on his meals. If your cat is getting three meals a day try to slowly progress down to two meals a day by giving smaller and smaller portions at lunch time and finally just stopping all together.
Most people will warn against feeding your cat table scraps. Well, it depends. If last night’s fish leftovers are now for the cat that’s probably fine, if that’s all he’s having for dinner. Try to stay away from feeding your cat dessert scraps. Absolutely no chocolate. No matter how cute he looks begging for it. Each piece of chocolate shortens their life and can also make them very sick. Try to hold off and give him a cat treat after you’ve finished eating.


If you have an average sized cat like a mongrel or a tabby than the most he should weight is about twelve pounds. Now that may sound kind of small but you don’t want to be picking up an elephant disguised as a cat. Now I’m not saying that all cats must weight under fourteen pounds. I’ve know several cats that people will let out a short grunt when they pick him up. It’s like picking up a toddler, it’s work and it gets tiring.

Mood ImprovementThe top 5 cat toys

When your cat is healthier, lighter and playing rather than just laying around all day he’s happier. So if you have a moody, fussy, fat cat you should catch the hint. Now just because I say that he’ll run around chasing feathers and toys doesn’t mean that two days after you quit feeding him he’s going to suddenly be happy and play like a kitten. No. he’ll probably be very fussy for the first week, he’ll stay away from you because he thinks you’re being cruel, but please don’t give in to him. By cutting back on his food your showing him you love him enough to make sure he’s healthy.

How to Start

Just make sure to be consistent. Make a pattern that you and your cat will get used to. Don’t leave the food somewhere he can access it whenever he wants. Put it away or in a sealed container.
Make a scheduled exercise time. Most cats will not go on walks like dogs so they have lots of toys that they usually never use. Now it’s time to force them to use them. When you see him laying around pick him up, put him on his paws on the floor and immediately start swinging the teaser right by him even over him. Annoy him. It will make him chase it trying to make it go away. Eventually he’ll find playing fun. But at first don’t play too long, if he hasn’t exercised for a while than you don’t want to wear him out. But only stop if he stops unless of course he never started then don’t stop.
Cut down eating time with the best cat food to only morning and night. Yes he is allowed a few snacks throughout the day but not too much human food. Just meats or cat treats.

What to Feed Him

So really it’s not very hard to get your cat to lose weight. Simply keep him moving, feed him less but only the best cat food, and stay consistent. No matter how overweight your cat is a little something knocked off is weight will help. Guaranteed.

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