• Cat Talk: Why You Should Talk to Your Cat

Cat Talk: Why You Should Talk to Your Cat

It seems, only cat lovers understand cat talk. People who don’t care for cats, consider cat lovers silly when talking to their fur babies, believing cats don’t understand humans. While cats may not understand the words you use, they can understand your meaning. They listen to our voice tone and watch the expressions on your face and body.

Why Cat Talk Is so Important

Cat and human communication is not only possible, but it’s beneficial to you both in several ways.

Cat to Human Communication

Cat to human communications strengthens your bond. Talking with care and affection shows your cat how much you love her, and she shows her love for you.

how to speak cat languageUnderstanding Their Meows

When you and your feline companion become comfortable with each other, you understand their different meows. You know what they are trying to tell you, which helps give your cat a sense of security. They know you understand them when you give them what they want, like dinner or a simple cuddle.

Good Cat Behavior

Talking to your cat is a good way to train your cat. Being consistent and using the right techniques for training, helps them learn corrective behavior, like telling them to get down if they are on the table. It’s not the words the cat understands, but your voice tone and body language.

Signs Your Cat Is Sick

The meow tones are a good way to tell if something is wrong with your cat. Illness has few signs of warning, or the signs are almost undetectable. When your cat gets sick, its voice changes. If you know your cat’s language habit, you notice something wrong at once.

Feel Better

Both humans and cats fight loneliness by talking to other. It’s not always hearing or understanding words that make us feel better, but the language conveyed with the body. Of all human communication, 93% is voice tone or body language and posture. The same holds true for the human to feline communication.

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