• Why do cats like paper?

Why Do Cats Like Paper so Much?

We know cats love sitting on anything (furniture, clothes, keyboards etc.) as if to recreate the famous poses of their feline ancestors from ancient Egypt but why do cats like paper so much? Paper, well, when they sit on paper it soon becomes paper-prrr-prrr, as all you can hear is cat contentment from parking their posteriors on parchment.

What is it about paper that sends cats into kitty contentment though?

Why do cats like paper?

Here’s whyCats love paper

A comfortable cat is a happy one, and cats like to make OUR homes comfortable for themselves.
Cats don’t care about that expensive bed you bought for them though, as seen when they prefer that page of your local newspaper, cardboard or magazine to snuggle up to. So why do cats like paper so much?

Is this fascination with paper caused by cats just seeking attention, or is their preference more primitive?

Experts suggest several reasons for this feline fetish for paper:

  1. Warmth – paper is an insulator, so cats feel warmer sitting on paper.
  2. Noise – cats are frisky, fun-loving felines and love nothing more than being playful, so cat behaviorists suggest the crunching and crackling keeps the kitty content.
  3. Attention – Cunning cat behavior will always provoke human intrigue; who knows if our cats are toying with us just to say “what about me”? Try reading a broadsheet newspaper when a cat is around if you don’t believe this theory!
  4. Territorial instinct – cats like to ‘rule the roost’, or in the case of paper, ‘park on the patch’. Cats reputedly like small, well-defined spaces, and this spacial awareness theory suggests they see the paper as a tabby treasure chest – with their butt marking the spot!
  5. Smell – veterinarians suggest cats have a fondness for paper because they can mark their scent easily on it, as a reminder to humans that they feel secure around them.

To love my cat, I just need to let her have paper, right?

As I mentioned above, cats have a behavior that indicates their love for sitting on paper. Clearly, we may never know the real reason for this peculiar kitty kink. What matters as cat lovers is now that we know what they love, lets just make sure they have their own kitty paper from time to time.

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