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Guide to female cat in heat

Cat in Heat Behavior Explained

A cat who has reached sexual maturity will often display signs of a cat in heat, a phenomenon that’s also referred to as estrus. A cat in heat usually shows a very distinct personality. The first estrus of a female cat normally takes place between ...

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Cat giving birth

Behavior After Cats Giving Birth

Your cat having kittens should ordinarily be an exciting time, but after cats giving birth your cat will display some odd signs having kittens. You may want to give your cat some tender care, but she may reject your efforts because behavior afterÂ...

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Pregnant cat

How To Tell if Your Cat Is Pregnant

You ask yourself how to tell if your cat is pregnant? Understanding pregnant cat behavior is a little easier once you know the gestation period of a cat, and what to expect during each of the weeks. Once a cat has conceived, it will display differ...

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