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Recovery from Cat Anesthesia

Behavior Changes After Cat Anesthesia

Especially after cat anesthesia, your cats are very likely to show strange behaviors. Do not worry, though; you can keep your cat from getting hurt after surgery, by being aware of the potential behaviors of cats after anesthesia.Except for cat ...

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Does your cat hate cat litter boxes?

Cat Litter Boxes – Why Your Cat Won’t Use It

We’ve all been there – avoiding the cat litter boxes is a common problem that cat owners face. There are several different causes that may cause such behavior. Cats may dislike the or the , or even the position of it. Even some changes around ...

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Cat on Vacation

Behavior Changes After Cat on Vacation

Are you planning to go with your cat on vacation soon? Whether you bring your cat along or leave him or her in the house, you may want to prepare your kitty. Once they notice some changes in their routine and surroundings, they will start exhibiting ...

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Cat Behavior changes after vet visit

Cat Behavior After Cat Vet Visit

Every decent pet owner knows that cats need to make regular trips to the cat vet, to make sure that they are in good condition. Through these regular checkups at the cat vet, you can start dealing with any health issues that your cat may be going ...

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How to Tell if Your Cat Is Sick - 7 Cat Illness Symptoms

How to Tell if Your Cat Is Sick – 7 Cat Illness Symptoms

Usually, when sick, cats tend to hide the symptoms of their illness so you will have to ask yourself how to tell if your cat is sick. They hide until they feel better. It is no wonder then that most cat owners find out their cat is sick later than ...

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