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Common Cat Health Issues

6 Frequent Cat Health Issues

No matter how resilient your cat may be, he will occasionally get sick and need your help to recover from cat health issues. Be on the lookout for these symptoms of common illnesses. 6 Typical Cat Health Issues Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease ...

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Cat Poop Behavior

Cat Poop – Crazy Cat Behavior After Pooping

My cat’s behavior after she poops cat poop is driving me insane, as I am getting more freaked out than she is! As soon as my cat finishes her business, she gets a frantic case of the ‘cat zoomies’ and dashes around the house like she’s ...

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20 Interesting Cat Facts - Part 3

20 Interesting Cat Facts – Part 3

Since my previous posts about interesting Cat Facts (Part 1 and Part 2) have been such a success I decided to gather some more interesting cat facts about our beloved feline friends. Interesting Cat Facts - Part 3Cats are vibration sensitive ...

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